Junior IT Sales Manager

Ищем Junior IT Sales Manager в нашу команду!

We are looking for a high energy IT Junior Sales Manager who will join our Sales Department.

Ideal candidates should have a background that includes the following:

• Previous work experience in IT sales would be a plus
• Higher education or undergraduate student;
• High level in English (advanced or strong upper-intermediate);
• Strong writing skills in English;
• Proactive, results-oriented personality;
• Strong communication and organizational skills
• Strong customer orientation. Professional and positive demeanor.
• Reliable, strong work ethic and able to work independently
• Basic computer and typing skills for efficient documentation and research (Outlook, Office, etc.)

The role will require you to:

• Manage a volume of contacts to uncover qualified sales opportunities
• Collect and record the contact information of prospects and leads
• Navigate corporate structures to identify decision makers and determine buying process
• Identify prospect’s business needs and goals to determine solution
• Work closely with Sales Manager to increase close ratio and number of new customers
• Perform service demonstrations in support of sales team
• Assist on sales calls as subject matter expert
• Able to build strong networks in and outside the organization

You will get:

• To work with a friendly professional team in a fast-growing company
• Сareer growth perspective with a fast growing company
• Top Level Executive Communications in a challenging and progressive IT market

Wanna join the team? Go for it!

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Maria Karseko

HR Itexus


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