Corporate Travel Management (CTM) Software

This mobile corporate travel management app is the full-fledged travel assistant that helps facilitate and automate corporate travel at all levels.

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It is clear that correct automation enables businesses to eliminate errors, reduce processes time and costs, increase performance, and prevent overstaffing. But beyond the regular automation, there are some unobvious processes driven by people that actually do not require a dedicated staff member. In particular, it is corporate travel management or CTM.


How many people in your company are involved in organizing business trips for employees?

How long does it take to book, change, or cancel tickets and hotels and address other travel-related issues? How many working hours do your employees spend on writing business trip reports instead of the work itself?


The solution is a corporate travel management software. Read on to learn how Itexus participated in building an iOS app that can help dozens of companies – from small businesses to enterprises – save money and time where others waste resources and overstaff.

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iOS Application

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Tech stack / Platforms

Client’s Request

The client, a cross-platform travel management application used by over 50,000 corporate clients, decided to develop native apps for Android & iOS platforms. The client demanded the help of qualified developers whose expertise would help implement an iOS solution. The main idea behind the app was to enable employees to book flights, hotels, and ground transportation for business trips within approved budgets to manage costs.

The client entrusted us with the development for a reason since Itexus has solid expertise in mobile development with over 220 successfully completed projects. Being equally committed and equipped to cover both the full mobile app development lifecycle or one of its stages, we set to work.

Solution Overview

The implemented solution is a customizable white-label application that empowers users to:

  • search for and book flights to needed dates and directions;
  • search, compare and book hotels;
  • search and book a rental car;
  • manage bookings;
  • pay for business trips with a corporate card directly in the app;
  • manage trips budgets, diversify them depending on their position in the company, and customize travel policies;
  • report on the trip spendings;
  • figure out details about the destination – from weather to news – to prepare for a trip properly; etc.

As we mentioned, the app is white-label what means that it is absolutely flexible and customizable for a certain company’s requirements fitting its specific needs.

Development Process

The previous version of the application was cross platform and written in JavaScript and now is changed with native apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Itexus was engaged in iOS app development, and one year after the project had started off we performed the UAT stage (user acceptance testing). Once the application is ready, different companies including a world-known technology company, automotive manufacturer, and a leading financial services provider will be able to simplify employees’ business trip processing and save corporate resources by eliminating manual labor in corporate travel management.

How It Works

• Sign in

Firstly a user has to log in to the app that can be done in two ways – through password access or single sign-on (SSO). After the successful authentication, the user gets to the home page where he can read business trip-related news, updated travel policies, etc.

Such content each company can set through CMS making it relevant for their employees.

• Your trips

The “Your Trips” screen is divided into three tabs and contains the information about all user’s trips – upcoming, past, and canceled.

Tapping on a trip, users can see such details as the date of travel, departure and arrival time, flight number, etc.

• Your trips

The “Your Trips” screen is divided into three tabs and contains the information about all user’s trips – upcoming, past, and canceled.

Tapping on a trip, users can see such details as the date of travel, departure and arrival time, flight number, etc.

• New trip

To create a new trip, users go to the Book tab where he can reserve a flight, book a hotel, and rent a car within the company’s travel policies. Companies can set certain restrictions for business trips according to the employee’s position. For example, middle management can not travel in business class or rent expensive cars.

Tickets, hotels, and car rentals out of budget and travel policy are marked with “Out of policy” sign that helps employees navigate and meet the budgetary lines. The hotels, flights, and cars compliant with the company’s travel policy and budget are left to the employee’s discretion so he could plan a comfortable trip.

After booking a new trip appears in the “Upcoming trips” tab. To pay for it users need to add a corporate or personal bank card.

And that’s it! No bureaucratic red tape neither exhausting alignments. And besides the described user story, there are plenty of other ways to facilitate business trips which are a snap now with the travel management solution.

Third-Party Integrations

travel management app – third-party integrations

  • Amadeus for Developers API offers app users extensive options for searching and booking flights and hotels according to specific criteria.
  • Trawex Car Rental API allows app users to search for a car, compare prices, and rent a car within the app.
  • NewsApi provides access to a wide range of news from around the world. It searches results for current and historical news articles. Through this integration, app users can access recent news about their destination.
  • OpenWeather provider guarantees access to weather around the world and facilitates travel planning for app users.
  • WorldPay is a payment provider that allows users to store their card data and make payments.


As an outcome, companies will receive an application that will significantly reduce operating costs by eliminating the manual labor of expensive personnel and speed up all business trips-related processes. The app we’ve been developing with our client is a full-fledged travel assistant that will facilitate and automate corporate travel management at all levels, from planning to reporting, and reduce operational costs saving precious company’s resources for more important matters.

In the meantime, Itexus team is accomplishing the application for corporate travel management and getting ready to share its expertise in the field with other customers. Share with us your thoughts relating to unsustainable processes in your company – we are on standby to make them rational.

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