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Stay ahead of the curve with your next-generation fintech software by combining our in-depth fintech domain expertise with robust development processes and a flexible, customer-oriented approach.

Itexus is a professional fintech application development and consulting company operating since 2013. Based on the immense expertise we have, our fintech app development company helps both enterprises and startups create their digital products, shorten go-to-market time, cut development costs and avoid the pitfalls that lead to project failures.

FinTech Software Development Expertise

Digital Banking

At Itexus, we invigorate fintech application development services with AI algorithms, online access, and smart chatbots to strengthen customer loyalty and satisfy customers at every stage of their digital banking fintech journey. Our team is digitizing traditional banking through process automation, 24/7 access, and an omnichannel banking experience. We also handle fraud prevention and KYC/AML procedures and ensure full compliance with industry regulations.

  1. Legacy banking software upgrade
  2. Process automation and systems integration
  3. Empowered self-service transactions
  4. Mobile and online banking solutions
  5. Implementation of security and fraud detection tools

Digital Lending & Alternative Financing

Itexus builds intelligent lending platforms connected to credit bureau databases and account aggregation platforms. We automate all stages of a loan cycle, KYC, AML, and scoring processes, helping both banks and nonbank digital lenders increase their market reach, reduce default risks, and offer lower interest rates.

  1. P2P and lending marketplace platforms
  2. Mobile lending & loans management apps
  3. AI-based credit scoring
  4. Loan origination & comparison software
  5. Digital mortgage broker products
  6. Crowdfunding platforms
  7. DeFi Lending & Borrowing Solutions
  8. Invoice-based financing

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Stock Market Trading and Analytics

As part of our fintech app development services, we build secure, reliable and scalable trading solutions for prop shops, physical exchanges, hedge funds, brokers, and futures commission merchants. From simple trading bots to complex intelligent trading solutions, our fintech software developers go all out to deliver best-in-class trading software based on the latest fintech industry standards.

  1. Custom online trading platforms
  2. Mobile trading apps
  3. Programming and implementation of custom algorithmic strategies
  4. Trading data analysis solutions
  5. Liquidity management platforms
  6. Hedging software and brokerage systems
  7. Trading execution middleware
  8. Investment management frontend systems
  9. Currency exchange software
  10. Market monitoring & market news tracking software

Wealth Management and Investment

To meet the growing demands of the new generation of clients, our finance app development company builds digital wealth management solutions with built-in automated advisory functionality, data-driven stock market and portfolio analytics, automated transactions and trading. Our breakthrough solutions enable wealth management firms and startups to expand their market reach from HNW/UHNW investors to the vast, underserved mass affluent segment and emerging wealthy millennials.

  1. Stock market quantitative analytics
  2. Portfolio construction, analysis and optimization tools
  3. Real-time algorithmic trading and passive asset allocation strategies
  4. AI-based robo-advisors
  5. Mobile stock trading applications
  6. Financial data analysis and recommender systems
  7. Natural Language Processing

Personal Finance Management (PFM)

Our fintech software development company builds PFM solutions that seamlessly integrate with core banking systems and pull data from multiple bank accounts, credit cards and loans. On demand, we can develop a PFM solution that categorizes users’ spending with built-in AI algorithms, makes data-driven predictions and recommends decisions, automatically transfers money to savings or investment accounts through an online broker’s API to help users plan their financial goals, gives them recommendations for retirement portfolios, and even helps build healthy financial habits with engaging gamification features.

  1. Account aggregation and expense tracking
  2. Debt refinancing and optimization
  3. Financial goals and retirement planning
  4. Automatic investments and savings
  5. AI-powered virtual financial advisers
  6. Gamification and social features

Online Payments

Since its inception, our fintech software development company has delivered a multitude of payment solutions, including mobile payments, B2B transaction platforms, and digital wallets that support millions of transactions per day. Our fintech software development company ensures smooth transactions and superior customer experience while maintaining data privacy, cybersecurity, AML/CFT, and KYC compliance, backed by robust encryption, multi-factor authentication, SCA/2FA/PSD2 authorization, and granular access control.

  1. B2C and B2B payment solutions, with advanced cash cycle and data management
  2. Money transaction and money transfer platforms
  3. Alternative payment methods: digital wallets, NFC-based mobile apps, net-banking solutions
  4. Compliance with industry-specific standards, threat analysis and fraud prevention

DeFi & Cryptocurrency

Driving the best approaches to implementing DeFi solutions for enterprises and startups, we help them cut out middlemen, ensure high transparency, reduce fraud risks, and make financial processes more efficient through automation with smart contracts. Our experts cover all the challenges that arise in crypto projects development and provide in-depth analysis of current business processes to determine the need for a decentralized ledger and assess the value of a DeFi application for your business.

  1. Dapp development
  2. Smart contract logic and development
  3. Wallet and crypto exchange development
  4. Decentralized crypto banking
  5. Decentralized fund management
  6. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) solutions


We help our insurance clients fully automate and digitalize their business. Cutting the operational costs by automating application, underwriting and claim management processes. Increasing the market reach by simplifying end-client access via mobile phones and online portals with on-demand insurance. Using AI/ML and big data technologies to increase the profitability of the insurance business.

  1. On-demand insurance solutions
  2. P2P insurance platforms
  3. Automated claim management systems
  4. Insurance AI-powered chatbots
  5. Client segmentation and analytics
  6. Insurance product recommendations

You nourish an idea, we turn it into an impactful solution.

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FAQ on FinTech Development Services

How much does it cost to develop a fintech application?

The cost of developing a finance app depends on many factors, including the type of solution, features and integrations needed, development time, etc. You can find some rough numbers in this post.

What time does it take to develop a fintech software?

Just like cost, the time it takes to develop a custom fintech solution depends entirely on the number of features and integrations, the overall complexity of the solution, etc. For the development time estimate, please contact our team.

What is my involvement in the project? What should I provide?

For each project, we assign a project manager. As your primary point of contact, the PM sends out reports, makes demo calls, keeps you informed of the project status, etc. The project manager organizes all the work on the project, monitors the agreed deadlines, budget, workload, etc. From your side we need responsiveness and desire to develop a successful product.

I have an idea for a finance software. What should I start with?

First, contact our team to discuss it. The next step depends on whether you have clear product vision and detailed requirements. If not, it is advisable to start developing your solution with the discovery phase.

Do you offer consulting on the development of fintech solutions?

Sure! We can help you at any stage of your software development journey. Within our fintech consulting service, you’ll get the perfect technology solution to your challenges, and our seasoned consultants will provide you with comprehensive answers to all your questions.

Do you offer a finance app design service?

Yes, we have extensive experience in designing fintech solutions and can provide UI/UX design services standalone. You can learn more here.

Is fintech software development outsourcing a good idea?

It is, if you want to shorten time to market for your solution, save development costs by hiring top-tier talent at a reasonable rate, and get the most bang for your buck.

What technologies do you use for fintech development?

As a proven fintech development partner, Itexus keeps pace in the rapidly changing world of technology. We leverage all sought-after technologies used for fintech software development, be it programming languages, frameworks, databases or AI, RPA, IoT, Blockchain and others. Our specialists will offer the best technology stack required to implement your solution in the most efficient way.

I have been working with an external team and would like to change it. Do you work with such projects?

Yes, we can take over an existing project, and we also provide project rescue services. Please share the details to our team to find out how we can help you.

Can you guarantee data security in my digital finance product?

Following international data security and protection protocols, we develop high-quality and secure applications that are equipped with an extra layer of security to protect user data and eliminate any vulnerabilities.

Do you sign NDA and NC agreements?

Yes, we are comfortable with signing legal contracts. We can either sign your contract or draft ours, sign it, and send it to you.

Featured Projects

All Projects

Financial Data Analytical Platform for a Large Investment Management Company

itexus portfolio case

Financial Data Analytical Platform for a Large Investment Management Company

AI-based data analytical platform for wealth advisers and fund distributors that analyzes clients’ stock portfolios, transactions, quantitative market data, and uses NLP to proc…
  • Python
  • React.js
  • Django
  • Azure

Automated Stock Trading Platform

itexus portfolio case

Automated Stock Trading Platform

  • Fintech
An automated, real-time trading system that allows administrators to configure trading strategies based on various technical indicators, and investors to invest their money in a…
  • Python
  • React.js
  • AWS

Mobile Banking App for Migrants

itexus portfolio case

Mobile Banking App for Migrants

  • Fintech
A mobile banking app for migrants designed to facilitate monetary transactions like financial help to families, getting paychecks early, microloans, etc.
  • .NET
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Swift

White-Label Mobile Banking App

itexus portfolio case

White-Label Mobile Banking App

  • Fintech
A white-label mobile banking application for a Silicon Valley-based digital banking services provider.
  • Node.js
  • Swift

Wealth Management Platform

itexus portfolio case

Wealth Management Platform

  • Fintech
Wealth management platform connecting investors with a professional wealth-advisory company, allowing investors to answer a questionnaire and receive either a recommended model …
  • .NET
  • Angular 5

Algorithmic Intraday Stock Trading System – Stock Trading Bot

itexus portfolio case

Algorithmic Intraday Stock Trading System – Stock Trading Bot

  • Fintech
Machine learning can automatically create and refresh an algorithm for solving a complex problem based on a large volume of data. It’s not necessary to search for business-impor…
  • .NET
  • React.js

Online B2B Invoicing & Billing Platform

itexus portfolio case

Online B2B Invoicing & Billing Platform

  • Fintech
  • E-commerce
  • Enterprise
An autonomous invoicing and billing web platform that enables businesses to issue and send invoices and receive timely payments.
  • .NET
  • Angular.js

Clients’ Testimonials & Awards

They’re a great group of developers who really understand the reality of business.

Andreea Vanacker CEO SPARKX5

Itexus excelled at both experimental AI and sprint-oriented UI/UX tasks. Itexus did strong project management work, too, a necessity in such a complicated project.

Jesse Dubin Senior Product Manager

The assigned team was easy to work with and they are especially strong collaborators and communicators. They demonstrated flexibility, professionalism, and trust in everything they did, and completed the work on time and budget.

Sue Wollan Fan CEO Mango Connects

Itexus’ work positions the business well for an imminent launch. They excel at managing their team, presenting frequent product demos to ensure that the project is aligned with development goals. An affordable price structure coupled with remarkable technical skill makes them an attractive partner.

Phill Osolinski CEO Ryze Rewards