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Startup - Specialized Software Development Company

We help startups make the world a better place

Full set of development services to convert your idea to an MVP and a live product

Market and Competition Analysis

  • Research and analysis of the potential market, competing solutions, go to market channels, potential partners, monetization and financial model. Documentation and marketing materials for fund-raising or accelerator programs: solution overviews, presentations, promo videos, clickable prototypes etc.

Product Design and Prototyping

  • Software Requirements Specifications, Wireframes and Clickable Prototypes, Development Plans and Work Breakdown Structures with estimates for cost/value ratio analysis.

Advisory and Consulting Services

  • Through our startup specialization we’ve collected hundreds years of collective experience form 200+ startups we worked with. We often become a remote CTO, adviser and technical partner to our clients. Helping them to learn from the mistakes other startup made.

MVP and Product Development

  • UI/UX design, Solution Architecture Design, Implementation, Quality Assurance, Dev Ops, Cloud Infrastructure Setup, Post-production Support and Maintenance.

Angel Investment for Selected Startups

  • For selected startups with elaborated business plan meeting Itexus' investment criteria Itexus provides pre-seed round funding in the form of free development services.

Team Extension

  • If you have everything covered and just need extra resources to speed up the project or lower the costs you can just hire remote resources to work in your environment, per your processes, integrated in your team under your brand.

Everything a startup needs from pre-seed stage to the IPO. Agile, creative, lean, on-demand, cutting edge.

A letter from Itexus founding team…

Dear startup founders,

You’ve come to the right place! Starting a new business is not easy. But it is worth it. We know it. We’ve been a startup 7 years ago, and since then helped our 200+ startup clients build their first MVPs and marketing materials, get accepted into the startup-accelerator programs, get VC funding, build their products and generate first revenues.

We know the challenges you face: lack of time, necessity to work in multiple roles, limited budget, fast changing environment, competition and many others. We accumulated extensive experience working with other startups. We know the nuances, frequent mistakes and good moves. We can guide you through all the technical hardships on all stages of the startup lifecycle. We can professionally take care of all product development aspects as your technical partner so that you can and focus on building your future unicorn company.

We are here for you. We will stay your reliable partner even if you experience troubles, need pause to regroup, raise next round of funding or pivot the strategy. We don’t run away to work for another company. Our goal is not to maximize profit on that small MVP but acquire a long term client, build trust, help you succeed and work with you for years as your technical partner. From the first idea and till you ring that bell on New York Stock Exchange. Let us help you do it!

Itexus Founders

«Do what you do best and outsource the rest»

Working with Itexus you can focus on business activities and let us professionally take care of all software development aspects as your technical partner and remote CTO.

Startup founder focuses on:

  • Business Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Fund Raising
  • Client Relationships

Itexus takes care of:

  • Product Architecture, Development and Support
  • UI/UX Design, Documentation and Quality Assurance
  • Resource Management, On-boarding, Motivation, Retention, Scaling and Descaling
  • Delivery Management, Concurrent Deadlines and Budget Control
  • Dev Ops, Production Cloud Infrastructure Setup and Monitoring

As your company grows you may decide to build your own team and take over some or all activities from Itexus into your in-house team.

9 Steps From an Idea to the Product


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Initial Requirements Analysis

A Business Analyst from Itexus side analyses the initial input and conducts a series of requirements workshops with the client to create high level product requirements documentation and a detailed product feature tree for estimation

Business Analyst

UI/UX Prototyping

UI/UX Designer creates navigation map of the future system, and mockups of the key screens with the help of the special prototyping software. The mockups can be united into a clickable prototype.

UI/UX designer

Architecture Design and Estimation

Software Architect recommends the best technology stack, architecture and third party components required to build the system addressing performance, security and scalability requirements. Creates detailed feature by feature workload and cost estimate.

Software Architect

MVP Scope Definition

Given the feature by feature estimates sorted by cost/value ratio the client with the support of the team defines the scope of the Minimum Viable Product for the available budget.

Business Analyst and Software Architect

UI/UX Design

Graphical designer converts UX mockups into beautifully designed, easy to use interfaces on screen by screen level addressing usability and creating all necessary icons, illustrations and animations for a stunning user experience.

UI/UX Designer

MVP Implementation

Development team starts programming the product starting from the most important features. Product increments are delivered every two weeks and demonstrated to the client, client's feedback is incorporated early. Every feature is thoroughly tested. Project manager controls priorities, scope, budget and deadlines.

Development Team

Production Cloud Setup and Going Live

Dev Ops engineer setups production cloud infrastructure in the selected cloud addressing project's security, performance, monitoring, backup and high-availability requirements, deploys the product to the production cloud. Mobile applications are published to App Store and Google Play. The product goes live!

Dev Ops Engineer

Post Production Support

After going live the team monitors production servers and logs using automated scripts, analyses and resolves user problems if they happen, installs security updates, creates and deploys patches and new feature updates.

Support Team

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Resources Required to Develop an MVP

Typically about 9 different roles are required to develop an MVP working simultaneously part time and full time on different stages of the project.

Assembling such team in house on early stage of the project is costly and inefficient because of part time involvement and short project duration. Also a lot of startups choose to pause after the MVP step to do some field testing or fundraising. Working with Itexus you will be able to pause and resume development without losing the key knowledge keepers.

Advantages of Working With Itexus

Access to Expertise

  • Itexus is a professional, specialized software development organization accumulating experience from hundreds of projects that can help you avoid a lot of mistakes other people made and use the best time-proven practices.

On-Demand Resources

  • Resources are involved on demand basis when they are needed, no outages, no waiting time. You will be able to can pause the whole team to regroup and resume in a couple of months with minimum overhead. Or you can just hire a developer to join your existing team.

Cost Saving

  • Development cost is 2-3 times lower compared to hiring similar level resources in the U.S. And you don't have to worry about hiring / office / equipment / administration overhead.

Expert Level Specialists

  • Specialized professional resources are involved for every specific task. Division of labor in modern software engineering has become quite advanced. There is at least half a dozen of roles involved in every project. And like you don’t ask a dentist treat high blood pressure, you don’t normally ask iOS developer to do database design or testing. And narrow specialists become more and more efficient in their specific area of expertise with each task they do.

Project Manager as a Single Point of Contact

  • Working with Itexus you will always have a Hand of the King Project Manager as a single point of contact, saving your time, controlling project budget and deadlines, managing the team and making sure every hour is spent efficiently, providing you full transparency into the project status. You will be able to sleep safe or go hunting knowing that things are under control and you will be alerted when your attention is needed.

Special Cooperation Model

  • Over the years Itexus has elaborated a special collaboration model that combines the benefits of agile flexibility adjusted for remote development with strict budget and scope control and proper project management. You will always know what you will get for certain budget and always pay only for what you see. Read more on How We Work page.
Contact Us and Get:
  • Consultation with a Software Architect and a Business Analyst
  • Requirements documentation & UI mockups
  • Technical proposal with recommended solution architecture
  • Project plan with cost & timeline estimate

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  • Consultation with a Software Architect and a Business Analyst
  • Requirements documentation & UI mockups
  • Technical proposal with recommended solution architecture
  • Project plan with cost & timeline estimate

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