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Leverage Itexus’ profound expertise to create a strong software solution for your business

Since 2013, we’ve helped clients from a multitude of industries overcome their business challenges and achieve their goals

with high‑quality and cost‑effective software solutions. We combine our solid technical background with time‑tested best practices and a customer‑centric approach, to smoothly guide companies through digital transformation and streamline their business processes.

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Custom Software Development Services We Offer

Custom Software Development

Get a one‑stop software product tailored to your business needs, made completely from scratch. Full‑cycle software and custom web development services.

Mobile App Development

Build feature‑rich native or cross‑platform applications that will capture their markets and deliver the most value.

UI/UX Design

Get best‑in‑class design concepts, prototypes, graphics, and visual experience designs to engage your customers.


Automate development processes and create a scalable and secure cloud infrastructure with minimum human‑factor errors.

Website Development

Get responsive, fast and user‑friendly websites and landing pages to unlock your business’ potential.

Software development services for Startups

Whether you want to create a prototype to get funding, build an MVP to test your hypotheses, or develop a fully‑featured solution from scratch, we’ve got you covered.


Test, refine, and improve your idea in a risk-free environment before putting it into action with a prototype. 6 to 12 weeks to create, depending on project complexity.


Get user feedback, identify opportunities, and validate your business idea as early as possible with an MVP that includes just the right set of features. 16‑20 weeks from the first consultation to MVP delivery.

Software Development

We design, develop, test, and deliver reliable and efficient solutions that win the loyalty of users and successfully compete in their respective markets. Full-cycle software development from scratch.

Project Rescue Services

Let’s get your struggling project back on track with our expertise and a brilliant team. We can take on your project, no matter what stage it’s in.


We provide access to deep technical expertise and help startups fill knowledge and skills gaps in their teams.

Industry-Related Software Development Services


Get a full‑featured, secure, and efficient fintech software solution delivered on time and on budget.


Improve patient experience, provide remote care, and automate medical workflows.


Elevate the insurance experience for all parties by digitizing manual processes and crafting easy‑to‑use solutions.

Any questions? Drop us a line.


Custom Software Development Lifecycle


We delve into your idea, identify expectations and goals, gather all relevant information and set the timeline for the project to ensure timely delivery.


Together, we determine how your future solution should relate to your existing processes, define the solution architecture and tech stack, and prepare required documentation.


Our designers lay out how the user interface should look and work, and then create a design concept, a set of main screens, and a clickable prototype to visualize the product structure and make sure you get what you expect.


Step by step, our developers build the solution according to the design outcomes and the outlined specifications, following the chosen tech stack and methodology.


The QA team identifies all bugs and defects that need to be tracked, fixed, and retested to ensure that the solution meets the quality standards previously defined in the SRS document.


The final solution version is released and ready for productive work in a live environment. After deployment, your software can be delivered to end users.

Maintenance & Support

We continue to provide technical support and regularly perform the necessary updates, upgrades and fixes to ensure that your solution operates at its peak performance.

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For over 10 years, Itexus has been helping Fortune 500 companies and other established brands build solid software foundations for their businesses.

Here are some of the companies we’re proud to have worked with. Let’s add your logo to this frame of fame.

Reasons to Choose Itexus

quality security

Quality & Security

Security and quality are crucial to us and we are fully dedicated to securing business processes and delivering high‑quality products.

certified specialists

Certified In-house Specialists

We have 90+ talented in‑house specialists in different departments with proven achievements and certificates in the professional domains.

billing transparency

Workflow & Billing Transparency

Milestone tracking, regular reports and adherence to the best project management practices help us make the development, communication and billing flows transparent and clear.

flexible approach

Flexible Approach

We stick to an agile methodology that allows us to cope with some obstacles, decrease risks and satisfy clients’ expectations.

trustworthy company

Trustworthy Company

Operating globally and providing software development services over 6 years we proved ourselves as a trustworthy company backed by our clients’ reviews on Clutch.

startup expertise

Extensive Startup Experience

We know all the nuances and can help our clients avoid many difficulties other startup owners face. We definitely know how to convert a rough idea into successful live product.


How much do you charge for your custom software development services?

The final cost of a project depends on several factors — the type of solution or service you need (mobile or custom web application development services, consulting, design, etc.), the project timeline, the team composition required to meet your needs, etc. To determine the cost of implementing your project, we provide a quote based on the estimated number of hours it’ll take our specialists to complete it, taking into account the overall complexity of the project. We’d be happy to provide you with a free calculation of the cost of your project. To get an estimate, please fill out our contact form.

Why should I outsource the implementation of my project to a custom software development company?

Outsourcing project implementation to a specialized company is preferred over hiring an in-house team for the following reasons: it allows for significant cost savings, access to top tech talents, solid expertise and required skill set in a single place, and timely delivery of the solution to market with minimal to no supervision required.

How can I recognize a suitable custom software development company for implementing my project?

We recommend you pay attention to the company’s experience in your niche, look for relevant projects in their portfolio and read reviews from previous clients. It’s also crucial for the overall success of the project that you’re on the same page with the team. Make sure that there are established communication processes and transparency across all stages of project implementation in your chosen custom software development services company.

We’ve already started a project with another development team, but we’d like to change the team. Can you take over our project?

Sure thing! Our specialists will ensure a seamless and painless transition and deliver your software solution with maximum speed, quality, and agility.

Do you sign NDAs?

Yes, we can either sign your agreement or draft up our own — it’s a standard practice we’re happy to do!

Do you provide post-development maintenance and support?

Yes, we provide post-development maintenance and support on a regular basis or on demand.

Can you guarantee the security of my software solution?

As one of the leading custom software development services companies, we understand the importance of ensuring the highest level of data protection and compliance with standards and protocols. For this reason, we employ best practices to ensure the security of your software.

I have a rough idea for a technical product. What should I start with?

To give your project a good start and get the solution to market on time and on budget, we recommend starting with the discovery phase. If you already have requirements specification documents, we can proceed to the development stage.

Can you integrate a third-party service with my solution?

Sure thing! We work with world-class service providers and integrate third-party APIs and services according to your business goals to save your budget and accelerate time to market.

Featured Projects

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White-Label Mobile Banking App

itexus portfolio case

White-Label Mobile Banking App

A white-label mobile banking application for a Silicon Valley-based digital banking services provider.
  • Node.js
  • Swift

Wealth Management Platform

itexus portfolio case

Wealth Management Platform

  • Fintech
Wealth management platform connecting investors with a professional wealth-advisory company, allowing investors to answer a questionnaire and receive either a recommended model …
  • .NET
  • Angular 5

Algorithmic Intraday Stock Trading System – Stock Trading Bot

itexus portfolio case

Algorithmic Intraday Stock Trading System – Stock Trading Bot

  • Fintech
Machine learning can automatically create and refresh an algorithm for solving a complex problem based on a large volume of data. It’s not necessary to search for business-impor…
  • .NET
  • React.js

Online B2B Invoicing & Billing Platform

itexus portfolio case

Online B2B Invoicing & Billing Platform

  • Fintech
  • E-commerce
  • Enterprise
An autonomous invoicing and billing web platform that enables businesses to issue and send invoices and receive timely payments.
  • .NET
  • Angular.js

Mobile Banking App

itexus portfolio case

Mobile Banking App

  • Fintech
A mobile banking app that allows its users to access all banking services in a secure, convenient and fast way without having to visit bank branches.
  • Kotlin
  • Swift

Claims Management System for Evaluating Hospital Bills

itexus portfolio case

Claims Management System for Evaluating Hospital Bills

  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • ML/AI
The healthcare claims management system is a web app that helps medical insurance auditors making a judgment on the claims issued by the medical aid providers. It reduces the co…
  • Python
  • React.js
  • Django

Centralized Platform for Trading Over-the-Counter Securities

itexus portfolio case

Centralized Platform for Trading Over-the-Counter Securities

  • Fintech
A centralized platform for trading over-the-counter securities that brings holders and investors together, allowing them to bypass intermediaries and trade assets – quickl…
  • Python
  • Angular.js

Clients’ Testimonials & Awards

They’re a great group of developers who really understand the reality of business.

Andreea Vanacker CEO SPARKX5

Itexus excelled at both experimental AI and sprint-oriented UI/UX tasks. Itexus did strong project management work, too, a necessity in such a complicated project.

Jesse Dubin Senior Product Manager

The assigned team was easy to work with and they are especially strong collaborators and communicators. They demonstrated flexibility, professionalism, and trust in everything they did, and completed the work on time and budget.

Sue Wollan Fan CEO Mango Connects

Itexus’ work positions the business well for an imminent launch. They excel at managing their team, presenting frequent product demos to ensure that the project is aligned with development goals. An affordable price structure coupled with remarkable technical skill makes them an attractive partner.

Phill Osolinski CEO Ryze Rewards