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HIPAA Compliant
White-Label Telemedicine Platform – Web & Mobile Solution

Enable automation, efficient care & business flows, and personalized patient care with our white-label custom-branded telemedicine app. Up to 3 weeks for full setup.

As healthcare shifted from traditional doctor visits to online, both patients and caregivers quickly recognized other benefits of telemedicine. The increasing demand for an efficient, well-organized telemedicine solution stems from the need to improve access to and quality of healthcare services. At Itexus, we have such a solution, as well as the knowledge, expertise, and technologies to tailor it to your practice and provide accurate, fast, and convenient care to your patients.

Features of White-Label Telemedicine App

You can go live with your new branded HIPAA compliant telehealth software even today. Everything is ready to start.

For Patient

  1. Easy Onboarding
  2. Patient Profile
  3. AI-Based Matching System
  4. Appointment Booking
  5. Notifications
  6. Online Chat
  7. Audio & Video Calls
  8. Calls Scheduling
  9. In-App Payments

For Doctors

  1. Doctor Profile
  2. Accept/Reject Booking
  3. Appointment Status
  4. Calendar
  5. Notifications
  6. Set Calendar
  7. Online Chat
  8. Accept Payments

Admin Panel

  1. Manage Doctors
  2. Manage Patients
  3. Arrange Booking
  4. Manage Commissions
  5. Analytics & Reports

On-Demand Customization

HIPAA compliant, branded, end-to-end telehealth ecosystem that enables effective management of patients, clinics, labs, pharmaceris, devices, and other aspects of your business. We’ll brand, customize, and enrich your app with advanced features so that you get the tailored, seamless workflow specific for your practice to expand it and improve the quality of care. Depending on your requirements, we can add different modules to your app, for example:

Treatment History

Better managed care, provide vital information in the event of an emergency, coordinate efforts, and ensure a personalized patient experience with patient treatment history.


Customizable EMR/EHR solution for all types of medical practices, that enables better care decisions and seamless integration & information sharing, and eliminates manual tasks.

Documents Management

Upload, download, and store all medical materials and share them with patients to make accurate decisions and provide proper care.


Custom prescription templates with your logo, address, and doctor’s eSignature to simplify access to medications for your patients.

From a white-label app to a customized end-to-end healthcare ecosystem

Our white-label telemedicine solution is highly customizable and scalable to meet the unique needs of your patients and help you achieve your business goals. Once branded and customized, it fully reflects your organization’s identity, so you can continue to take care of your patients under the brand they already know as you expand your practice.

Patient-centered care empowered by cutting-edge technology

Technology and a patient-centric approach are at the heart of our white-label telemedicine solution. We make sure your HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform is secure, flawless, simple, and user-friendly so your patients can benefit from accessible and safe healthcare services and your professionals – enjoy a convenient remote practice.


Can I buy your telemedicine app now?

Sure thing! You can buy a ready-made white-label telemedicine app. It’s available for Web and iOS. Submit the request to discuss the details and cost.

Do I have to pay any monthly/annual commissions?

No. There are no additional or hidden costs. You pay once for the source code of our white-label telemedicine solution, and you can use it for a lifetime.

Can you customize or add new features to the app?

Yes. We can discuss what features you’d like to add and what customization you need, and our team will implement them. Note that customization and feature additions are not included in the initial app cost. They will be estimated additionally depending on what exactly you need.

What languages are supported?

The app currently supports English. If you need to add more languages, contact us to discuss it.

I want to start a healthcare startup. Will this app help me?

Our white-label telemedicine app is a comprehensive and rapidly evolving technology platform that you can use to run your business. But it’s better if you discuss your idea with our team, so we can definitely say whether this app is suitable for your business or not. Contact us for a free consultation.

What if I want to develop healthcare software from scratch?

That’s not a problem for us. We can develop any software solution from scratch based on your idea. All you need to do is submit your request and discuss your idea with the Itexus technical team. We’ll prepare an estimate for you so that you know the timeline and the cost of your future solution. All rights to the source code belong solely to you.

What other healthcare software do you develop?

We specialize in developing custom healthcare software of varying degrees of complexity. See what we can develop here.

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Clients’ Testimonials & Awards

They’re a great group of developers who really understand the reality of business.

Andreea Vanacker CEO SPARKX5

Itexus excelled at both experimental AI and sprint-oriented UI/UX tasks. Itexus did strong project management work, too, a necessity in such a complicated project.

Jesse Dubin Senior Product Manager

The assigned team was easy to work with and they are especially strong collaborators and communicators. They demonstrated flexibility, professionalism, and trust in everything they did, and completed the work on time and budget.

Sue Wollan Fan CEO Mango Connects

Itexus’ work positions the business well for an imminent launch. They excel at managing their team, presenting frequent product demos to ensure that the project is aligned with development goals. An affordable price structure coupled with remarkable technical skill makes them an attractive partner.

Phill Osolinski CEO Ryze Rewards