Telehealth Ecosystem for Matching Speech Therapists and People in Need of Therapy

A telehealth ecosystem connects individuals suffering from various speech and language disorders with therapists specializing in specific conditions. This ecosystem comprises an iOS mobile app for users, a web app for therapists, an admin panel, and a landing page.

Technologies / Platforms

About the client

Our client is a practicing speech therapist. With their profound understanding of the challenges that individuals face when seeking speech therapy, the client wanted to build a solution that would bridge the gap between therapists and clients in need and make a positive impact in the lives of those with speech and language disorders.


Engagement model

Time and material



Telehealth ecosystem


Effort and duration

4 months

Project background

Initially, the client planned to develop the app from scratch. However, upon comparing various app development service providers, they discovered Itexus’s white-label telehealth app. Acknowledging the potential time and effort savings of this solution, they contacted us to understand how our app could fulfill their needs.


Project team

1 Project Manager, 1 Business Analyst, 1 iOS Developer, 1 WordPress Developer, 1 React Developer, 1 PHP Developer, 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 QA Engineer, 1 DevOps

Tech stack / Platforms

Target audience

The app is designed for children and adults who require speech therapy, as well as for speech therapists looking to transition their practice online.

Solution overview

The ecosystem comprises a landing page with information about the app and available services and three modules:

  • user mobile app,

  • web app for therapists,

  • and admin module implemented as a website.

User mobile app

The user app is built on top of our white-label, HIPAA-compliant telehealth application. We redesigned screens according to the client’s branding guidelines, added new features, and modified existing ones based on the client’s requirements. As a result, we got a unique and functional application with the following feature set:

  • Sign up & onboarding: register, log in & out, access the agreements, and pass onboarding via a chatbot

  • Profile management: create a profile, manage personal information, manage notification setting

  • Payment management: add, change, and remove payment methods, pay sessions with therapists

  • Questionnaire: respond to the chatbot’s questions; based on these responses, the app will find and suggest suitable therapists

  • Access to therapists: view the list of matched therapists and their information, re-complete the questionnaire to select another therapist

  • Communication management: chat with therapists and share files, communicate with therapists via video calls

  • Schedule management: view booked sessions and their details, remaining prepaid sessions, and book upcoming sessions in therapists’s available slots

  • Contact app support

Speech therapist web app

For speech therapists, we built a web application where the following features are available:

  • Sign up & onboarding: view the landing page, sign up in the app, access agreements, and pass onboarding

  • Profile management: create a profile, manage personal information, upload education certificates and other documents, set the price for sessions, manage notification settings

  • Payment management: add, edit, and remove bank cards and accounts, fill in tax info, view the amount in the app’s account, request payouts

  • Client management: view clients’ profiles, reject matching clients offered by the app, invite their existing clients to work in the app via email invitation

  • Communication management: chat with clients and share files, conduct sessions with clients via online call, share screen

  • Schedule management: point available slots, view upcoming, past, and canceled sessions and their details

  • Contact app support

Admin website

Administrators have a separate WordPress website equipped with all the necessary functionality to perform their tasks efficiently:

  • Authorization & authentication: log in and log out

  • Admin dashboard: view menu, dashboard page, list of therapist changes, and payout requests

  • Speech therapist management: view the list of therapists and their information, filter, search, and block therapists

  • Client management: view the list of clients and their information, filter, search, and block clients

Third-party integrations


  • Stripe is used for payment processing and management. It enables users to securely and easily accept online payments. In particular, it allows for the addition of cards on the mobile client, while the backend handles the payments.

  • Mailgun is integrated for sending emails to clients using its API. It serves as a notification channel and realizes 2FA (two-factor authentication).

  • Twilio enables real-time communication, including voice, video, and messaging. It can handle video calls between clients and therapists.

Project approach

To implement this project, we utilized the Kanban methodology. This enabled us to maintain a clear and visual representation of project tasks, making it easier to prioritize and minimize bottlenecks. This approach ensured that we could promptly address any emerging client requirements and adapt to evolving needs in real time.

To facilitate transparent communication and ensure effective project tracking, we conducted daily online meetings. These meetings served as a platform for reporting and discussing project progress in detail. They played a crucial role in keeping all stakeholders well-informed about the project’s status, enabling data-driven decision making and timely adjustments.


In just four months, the cross-functional team at Itexus launched the solution, bringing our client’s vision to life. The rapid development and deployment of the ecosystem within this short timeframe underscore the efficiency of our chosen approach and the dedication of the Itexus team.

With the app now live and operational, individuals in need of speech therapy services have access to a user-friendly and innovative platform. This achievement is a testament to the collaborative effort of all parties involved and reflects our commitment to making speech therapy services more accessible and efficient for clients and therapists alike.

At this point, the project has transitioned to support mode. Itexus continues to maintain the app and ensure its stability.

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