Accounting Module for EMR Healthcare Application

An accounting module automates finance management and enables quick and efficient transaction tracking and reconciliation.

Technologies / Platforms

About the client

The client is a US-based EMR platform that automates and facilitates the operations at healthcare organizations by enabling efficient management of medical staff and their rates, patients and their medical history, visits and their schedule, invoices, billing, etc.



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Accounting module for a healthcare web application



Project team

Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Tech Lead, Business Analyst, 2 PHP Developers, UI/UX Designer, QA Engineer

Project background

As said above, our client’s telehealth solution is used by healthcare providers. They, in turn, work with insurance companies that guarantee payment for the services provided to their patients.


In addition to their primary purpose – treating patients – healthcare organizations have to manage the accounting side of the business. E.g., they have to track income (i.e., payments from insurance companies) and expenses (i.e. medical staff salary, bills, etc.).


Initially, the app allowed healthcare service providers to generate invoices (in a standard view) and track the information about payments for these invoices from insurers. The client decided to go ahead and implement a full-featured accounting module that would automate finance management and enable quick and efficient transaction tracking and reconciliation.


To this end, the client approached Itexus to develop an accounting module that would enhance the existing app and provide new value to the clients. We became a tech partner of choice due to our track record of telehealth and fintech software development, experience in building EMR/EHR solutions, and strong technical skills.

Tech stack / Platforms

Target audience

The target audience of the system is healthcare organizations that have medical staff, provides healthcare service to patients, and work with insurance companies to obtain payments.

Project challenges

The client kept bringing in new ideas about functionality, and the scope kept growing. At some point, we realized that additional resources were needed. So we had to introduce another developer to the project team, onboard him, and quickly reallocate resources in the scaled team so that the development process wasn’t damaged.

Another challenge lies at the level of project specifics – healthcare accounting is a complex field with many peculiarities. Therefore, our team had to do a lot of research to make sure everything was taken into account.

Solution overview

The accounting module we implemented has a rich set of features sufficient for efficient financial management. All features can be divided into sub-categories depending on the user’s task – transactions, reconciliation, reports, categorization, roles & permissions, audit trail, and journal entry. Let’s explore the accounting module’s functionality in detail.


  • Connect a bank account via Plaid, disconnect it, and view the list of connected bank accounts and their conditions
  • Create, update, and archive a bank account
  • Create, edit, and delete transactions manually
  • Update the transactions list, filter transactions, view the list of all transactions, and search for the transaction
  • View the time of the latest update
  • Create, edit, and archive internal transactions, view list of internal transactions
  • Assign, view, and edit categories to income, expense, intermediaries, insurance companies, and visit types in the lists
  • Mark bank transactions as transfers, remove the transfer


  • Start reconciliation and view overview data
  • View records for reconciliation
  • Reconcile transactions, undo reconciliation
  • View the history of reconciliation
  • Add unbanked transactions to the reconciliation


  • View balance & trial sheet reports, profit and losses reports, and categorization reports
  • View detailed information on each value in reports
  • Download reports in xlsx and in pdf
  • Filter report data by period
  • View pie chart
  • View profits and losses on the dashboard
  • View general ledger and journal entry reports


  • Create and delete categories/sub-categories, view list of categories
  • Assign and remove a category to the selected transaction
  • Select and assign categories for transactions offered by the matching algorithm
  • Create additional records in the system

Roles & permissions:

  • Set up accounting permissions to manage users who have access to the accounting module

Audit trail & Journal entry:

  • View audit trail
  • Create and edit journal entries
  • View the list of journal entries

Third-party integrations

  • Plaid allows to obtain transactions that relate to the agency bank account in order to see their balances and match corresponding transactions with the income and expenses tracked in the system.
  • MPDF is a tool that helps take content that was created in HTML and CSS and turn it into professional-looking PDF, and SLSX documents. These documents later can be displayed in a web browser or saved to a file.

Development process

The project was implemented using Scrum methodology with two-week sprints and a demonstration of the implemented functionality as well as a feedback collection session each week, i.e., we held two demo sessions per sprint. This approach along with breaking the big scope down into smaller, more manageable pieces allowed for greater efficiency, productivity, transparency, and predictability.

Technical solution highlights

This is the architecture diagram of the solution explaining how it is organized and works.

Results & future plans

In four months, Itexus cross-functional team implemented the accounting module for the client’s platform. The solution enables efficient accounting management, streamlines processes, and allows for more accurate, data-driven decisions due to reporting functionality.

Our team is continuing to support and maintain the delivered solution. The client is currently considering implementing new features in the module.

Looking for a tech partner with solid technical skills and experience in the telehealth industry? At Itexus, we leverage our strong technical expertise and deep understanding of all the ins and outs of the healthcare domain to help care providers automate medical workflows and improve the patient experience. We’d love to contribute to your project – contact us to discuss a collaboration.

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