Mobile E-Wallet Application

Mobile e-wallet application that lets users link their debit and credit cards to their accounts through banking partners, create e-wallets and virtual cards, and use them for money transfers, cash withdrawals, bills and online payments, etc.

Technologies / Platforms

About the client

The client is a next-generation fintech company offering fee-free banking, instant payments, budgeting, and goal monitoring, including joint and teen accounts.

Client's request

The client wanted to simplify banking, eliminate bank fees, and provide universal accessibility with a mobile e-wallet solution. To this end, the client approached us to develop an e-wallet application for Android and iOS platforms. The core idea behind the app was to enable users to manage their money in a simple, effortless, and cost-effective way, freeing them from the inconvenience that tends to come with traditional banks.

Engagement model

Fixed price for the MVP stage, Agile/Scrum for other stages

Effort & duration

5-6 months to create and launch the MVP, Ongoing since March 2022


Client mobile iOS and Android applications, Web application for Admin Panel

Project team

1 Project Manager, 1 Technical Lead, 3 Backend Developers, 3 Mobile Developers, 1 Business Analyst, 1 DevOps, 1 UI/UX Designer, 1 QA

Tech stack / Platforms

Target audience

The e-wallet is aimed at users from the Mexico region who need an accessible, convenient, and fast solution to pay their bills, purchase goods and services, transfer money, and handle other day-to-day financial operations.

Solution overview

After downloading the app, users need to sign up and go through the KYC process. To do this, they provide their personal information, such as first and last name and date of birth, phone number, and address, as well as a scan of their ID and a facial image. The latter two can be done directly in the app via the user’s smartphone camera. After the identity has been verified, the user receives a confirmation SMS and sets a password. Once registered, users can link their bank account and credit and debit cards to their app accounts, create personal e-wallets or virtual cards, and use all of the app’s features. Users can also invite others to the application via a referral program.

Solution main features

Client application:

  • sign up, KYC
  • sign in with 2FA
  • issuance of virtual cards
  • user profile management
  • ccount recharge via ATM, debit/credit card, bank accounta
  • money transfers between app users
  • withdrawal of money via ATM, debit/credit card, bank account
  • bill payments (such as phone, water, electricity, taxes, etc.)
  • payments with a QR code
  • payments with a virtual card
  • reports generation
  • access to transaction history and details
  • currency conversions
  • access to user support services

Admin panel application:

  • access to the system via Active Directory
  • user management
  • reports generation
  • support services management

Project challenges

1. Choosing the right bank partners

The main challenge was selecting a suitable central bank partner to enable QR payments and virtual card issuance, and a suitable partner bank to link debit or credit cards to the applications and make payments. In addition, the selected banking partners had to be authorized to operate in the client’s target region — Mexico.

2. Integration with ATM network

The client had an agreement with the ATM network, which works with custom e-wallets and enables users to withdraw money from their cash machines. We needed to integrate the app with this network, and accomplished this by using various technologies, such as webhooks and custom widgets.

3. Currency conversion implementation

The client wanted to give users the ability to store their money in different currencies. To accomplish this, they needed to be able to exchange money directly in the app. For this purpose, we selected a suitable currency conversion service and integrated the app with it.

Third-party integrations

  • Zendesk is a customer support and interaction service that allows app users to access the support team and receive help with money transfers, payments, cash flows, and any other issues.
  • Shufti Pro is a KYC provider that helps verify the identity of users (e.g., through 2FA authentication, and facial, document, and address verification), including PEP screening and real-time monitoring of sanctions lists.
  • We integrated the wallet with a Partner Bank in the country in which the customers are located to obtain customers’ relevant account information.
  • We integrated the wallet with the Central Bank of the country where the customers are located to receive the data of the virtual cards and enable their issuance.
  • is a communication service that enables sending SMS messages to customers, particularly to log onto the app.
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging is a cross-platform cloud messaging and notification solution that facilitates creating and sending push notifications to customers based on specific, predetermined trigger events.
  • SendGrid is a customer communication platform that enables the sending of transactional and marketing emails.
  • Stripe acts as a payment gateway so that customers can make money transfers and receive relevant transaction data in a timely manner.
  • Our system has a cash recycling ATM network that allows customers to top up their e-wallets. The connection between the ATM and the NCR web service ensures that deposited cash is displayed in the wallet in real-time.

Development process

We used the Scrum framework to implement this project. One iteration lasted three weeks, of which we spent two implementing the requirements from the iteration backlog and the third week testing and debugging.

At the end of the three-week sprint, we held a demo session to demonstrate the functionality increment to the client. Any resulting notes or update requests were forwarded to us, and we implemented them simultaneously with the following sprint.

digital wallet app development

Technical solution highlights

mobile e-wallet architecture diagram

There are multiple integrations with third-party services that entail multiple dependencies. Any technical issue on the part of a service provider can cause an issue that is beyond our control and can affect the performance of the app. As a result, we considered different scenarios and developed a fallback plan for such cases.

Backend architecture and infrastructure were developed to provide a disaster recovery solution that allows the application to be working 24/7. The monitoring is configured with an early warning via email or SMS in the case that a main service is unresponsive and a backup service has started working, signaling the need to take care of the primary service to have it working again as soon as possible. Most cases like this are resolved automatically due to backup and restore solutions and procedures.


The first version of the application was delivered in full compliance with the specifications, on time and on budget. Within 6 months of the project’s start, the application was on the market and available to real end-users.

The application allows users to manage their money in a convenient, secure, and simple way. With the mobile e-wallet, users have 24/7 access to the financial services they need. Users can transfer money, pay bills, make payments directly in the app and withdraw money via ATM when the ATM network is available.

The project is still underway, and the Itexus team continues to provide support and maintenance services.

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