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Professional software development for the Financial Services industry

We provide a full spectrum of software solutions for the financial services industry

from simple mobile apps to enterprise‑grade, AI‑powered digital banking and investment management systems.

Quick Facts About Itexus

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Financial Software Solutions We Develop

  1. Client portals
  2. CRM systems
  3. Prediction and recommender systems
  4. KYC, KYB , AML and fraud protection
  5. AI-powered virtual assistants and chat bots


  1. smart contracts development
  2. crypto exchanges
  3. crypto wallets
  4. NFT marketplaces
  5. blockchain solutions

Personal Finance

  1. account aggregation and expense tracking systems
  2. debt refinancing and optimization
  3. financial goals and retirement planning
  4. automatic investment and savings apps
  5. gamification and social features

Digital Banking

  1. digital lending
  2. сredit scoring
  3. e-wallets
  4. mobile & online banking
  5. money transfer applications
  6. crowdfunding platforms


  1. on-demand insurance
  2. P2P insurance platforms
  3. claim & policy management systems
  4. underwriting and quoting software
  5. risk analysis software

Wealth Management and Investment

  1. stock trading apps
  2. algorithmic trading systems
  3. AI robo-advisers
  4. portfolio analytics & recommender systems
  5. remote portfolio monitoring and advisory

Financial Software Development Services

Financial Software Development Services

  1. Custom Finance Software Development
  2. Financial Product Development
  3. Financial Mobile App Development
  4. Fintech and Digital Transformation Consulting
  5. Fintech UI/UX Design and Prototyping
  6. Fintech Developers for Hire (Outstaffing)
  7. Financial Software Modernization
  8. Process Automation
  9. DevOps and Cloud Engineering
  10. Project Rescue
  11. Cybersecurity Consulting
  12. Quality Assurance
  13. Website and Landing Page Development

Custom Finance Software Development

Create a custom‑tailored, well‑documented software solution with our Custom Finance Software Development service. Scalable architecture, clean code, thorough testing, professional project management and excellent customer service.

Financial Product Development

Outsource the development of your financial product to the Itexus team. We provide experienced engineers, cutting‑edge technologies, professional agile development process, thorough documentation, meticulous testing, and intuitive UI/UX and architecture design.

Financial Mobile App Development

Go mobile with our Financial Mobile App Development service. Native and cross‑platform advanced financial mobile applications, graphs, charts, KYC, BAAS, brokers, exchanges and other third party integrations.

Fintech and Digital Transformation Consulting

Leverage Itexus’ extensive fintech expertise to find the best technical solutions for your business challenges. Whether you’re looking to digitize your business processes, launch a new fintech product, analyze growth opportunities, or create documentation package for fundraising — we can help.

Fintech UI/UX Design and Prototyping

Create intuitive, clear, and engaging UI/UX design that your customers will love. Our designs are driven by your individual business’s goals and based on research and usability standards, not subjective taste.

Fintech Developers for Hire (Outstaffing)

Quickly scale up your development team with our experienced engineers. Deep fintech knowledge, passion for clean code and great architecture, attention to detail, agile experience and excellent communication and proactivity.

Financial Software Modernization

Modernize your IT infrastructure, migrate your software systems to the latest well‑supported technologies, leverage data for analytics and predictions, and offer your users new digital and mobile experiences.

Process Automation

Optimize your business processes to reduce operational costs and eliminate human error. “As Is” and “To Be” documentation, business process modeling, digitization, adoption, and personnel training.

DevOps and Cloud Engineering

Create a scalable, cost‑effective, and secure cloud‑based infrastructure, automate your development processes, and set up automated backups and monitoring of your production servers.

Project Rescue

Get your project back on track: restore documentation, perform a security and code quality audit, fix stability and performance issues, refactor messy code, migrate to the latest technologies, and establish a transparent, reliable development process.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Perform security audit and penetration testing, identify and eliminate vulnerabilities, and ensure compliance with security standards such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, ISO 27000, etc.

Quality Assurance

Ensure your software works flawlessly, supports the required number of concurrent users and data, and meets regulatory standards. Full spectrum of testing services: manual, automated, security, usability and penetration testing.

Website and Landing Page Development

Create everything from simple landing pages to a complex websites for your business in no time. We provide engaging and modern designs, CMS capabilities, and SEO optimization. Fast and easy.

Give your business an edge with our outcome-driven software development services.

The Itexus team has successfully served more than 250 clients across 23 countries since 2013

Itexus is headquartered in the United States and has development offices across Europe. Our business is global in every sense of the word, with clients in North America, Western Europe, the Gulf countries, South Korea, South Africa, Australia, and more.


What Differentiates Itexus

Our Values

  1. Integrity
  2. Trust
  3. Respect

Our Passion

  1. We love what we do.
  2. We celebrate teamwork, collaboration, and new ideas.
  3. As a financial software company, we are proud to be at the forefront of the digital revolution in finance.

Our Professionalism

  1. We preach and demonstrate professionalism at all levels.
  2. We are the experts in the latest technologies and tools we use.
  3. We have zero tolerance for low‑quality work.
  4. We follow the latest trends and best practices in software engineering.
  5. We are proud of the great software products we create for our clients.

Our Partnership Approach

  1. Our strategy is not to maximize our profits, but to gain the trust of our partners and build long‑lasting relationships.

What Makes Itexus Stand Out

Our Fintech Specialization

  • We specialize in fintech and financial software development, constantly striving to be the world’s best financial software development company in our niche.
  • We hire business analysts with degrees in finance and train them to become our fintech consultants.
  • Our developers are pros when it comes to navigating complex financial regulations and requirements.
  • Our developers are like fish in water when integrating BAAS systems, Stock Brokers, Exchanges, Payment, KYC/KYB, and financial data providers.
  • Our Fintech Competence Center is where we amalgamate the fintech expertise we gain on every project. Our combined experience from hundreds of projects and research enables us to be not just coders, but true partners, advisors, and consultants to our clients.

Our Unique Cooperation Model

  • Our unique cooperation model is forged from nearly a decade of efforts to combine the benefits of agile flexibility with discipline, meticulous planning, strict budget control, risk management and deadline observance.
  • We provide full transparency, excellent customer service, communication, team creativity, and proactivity.
  • We are lean, cost-saving, fully adapted to remote working conditions.
  • Our expertise has been honed by hundreds of projects and thousands of lessons learned.

Our Flexibility and Great Client Service

  • Our goal is not only to create great software, but also to provide excellent service to our clients.
  • We work hard to make sure you enjoy every day of our collaboration.
  • We understand the constraints of real-life business and are ready to adapt our approach to your individual situation.
  • We can scale our team up or down depending on your deadlines and budget.
  • We can help you pick the right MVP scope to fit in your budget and impress your investors.
  • We highlight all project and business risks up front and work with you to find ways to mitigate them.
  • Contact us, and we’ll find the best approach to your project and ways to overcome your constraints.

FAQ on Financial Software Development

How much will my project cost? ​​

We specialize in custom software development for the financial services industry which means that each project we do is unique! To estimate the cost of your project, we conduct a series of workshops to gather and define all the requirements in sufficient detail. When you’re building a house, it is impossible to say how much a house will cost until you have clarified how many bedrooms are needed, how many storage rooms, garages and swimming pools there will be, whether it will be made of wood or stone, what the interior design will look like, etc.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss and provide estimates for your project.

How is the finance app development process initiated?

First, contact our team to discuss it. The next step depends on whether you have a clear product vision and detailed requirements. If not, we recommend that you start your finance app development project with the discovery phase.

What is my involvement in the project? What should I provide?

For each project, we assign you a project manager from Itexus. As your primary point of contact, the PM will send you reports, provide demo calls, keep you informed of the project status, etc. They organize all the work on the project, monitor deadlines, budget, workload, etc. All we need from you is responsiveness and a desire to develop a successful product.

I have been working with another financial software development company and would like to switch. Do you work with such projects?

Yes! Depending on your needs, we can take over an existing project or provide project rescue services. Share the details with our team to find out how we can help you.

Featured Projects

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App for Getting Instant Loans / Online Lending Platform for Small Businesses

itexus portfolio case

App for Getting Instant Loans / Online Lending Platform for Small Businesses

Digital lending platform with a mobile app client fully automating the loan process from origination, online loan application, KYC, credit scoring, underwriting, payments, repor…
  • .NET
  • Swift
  • Azure

Wealth Management Platform

itexus portfolio case

Wealth Management Platform

  • Fintech
Wealth management platform connecting investors with a professional wealth-advisory company, allowing investors to answer a questionnaire and receive either a recommended model …
  • .NET
  • Angular 5

AI-Powered Financial Analysis and Recommendation System

itexus portfolio case

AI-Powered Financial Analysis and Recommendation System

  • Fintech
  • ML/AI
The system uses machine learning techniques to process various content feeds in realtime and boost the productivity of  financial analysts and client relationship managers in do…
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python
  • Node.js

Algorithmic Intraday Stock Trading System – Stock Trading Bot

itexus portfolio case

Algorithmic Intraday Stock Trading System – Stock Trading Bot

  • Fintech
Machine learning can automatically create and refresh an algorithm for solving a complex problem based on a large volume of data. It’s not necessary to search for business-impor…
  • .NET
  • React.js

Stock Trading Signals Platform

itexus portfolio case

Stock Trading Signals Platform

  • Fintech
Intelligent investment assistant that performs technical analysis for a number of stocks, automatically tracks multiple indicators on stock exchanges, and generates buy/sell and…
  • .Net Core
  • Azure

Clients’ Testimonials & Awards

They’re a great group of developers who really understand the reality of business.

Andreea Vanacker CEO SPARKX5

Itexus excelled at both experimental AI and sprint-oriented UI/UX tasks. Itexus did strong project management work, too, a necessity in such a complicated project.

Jesse Dubin Senior Product Manager

The assigned team was easy to work with and they are especially strong collaborators and communicators. They demonstrated flexibility, professionalism, and trust in everything they did, and completed the work on time and budget.

Sue Wollan Fan CEO Mango Connects

Itexus’ work positions the business well for an imminent launch. They excel at managing their team, presenting frequent product demos to ensure that the project is aligned with development goals. An affordable price structure coupled with remarkable technical skill makes them an attractive partner.

Phill Osolinski CEO Ryze Rewards