Prize Draw App for a Major Mobile Operator’s Promo Game

A webview application that allows conducting prize draws with millions of participants. It features a client app and an admin panel for managing the draws.

Technologies / Platforms

About the client

The client is an agency that helps brands worldwide engage with their customers through promotional games, creating meaningful connections between people and companies.



A webview app


Effort and duration

4 months


Engagement model

Time and materials

Project background

The agency was working on a new product promotion for their client, a major mobile operator. One of the main elements of the promotion was an online drawing of valuable prizes among the operator’s audience. This drawing was intended to take place within the operator’s mobile application.


While the agency had devised a concept for the drawing, they needed assistance with the implementation since it was expected to engage millions of the operator’s customers. They approached us to develop a solution that would ensure smooth and complication-free drawings on top of the operator’s mobile app.


Project team

1 Project Manager, 1 Tech Lead, 1 Business Analyst, 2 Fullstack Developers, 2 Backend Developers, 2 Frontend Developer, 1 QA Engineer


Tech stack / Platforms

Target audience

The application is designed solely for conducting prize draws among clients of the mobile operator mentioned above. Any customer of the operator who is over 18 years old is eligible to participate in the drawing.

Prize draw app

Solution overview

The application consists of two modules: the admin panel and the client web application. Let’s take a closer look at the functionality of each module.

Admin panel:

  • Log in & log out. The admin can log in and out of the admin panel using their login, password, and email OTP verification.

  • Role-based access. The app has two roles for admins. The functionality available to an admin depends on whether they are assigned the “operator” or “superadmin” role.

  • Data access and management. The admin can access the list of draw participants and winners, view their information, update the status for each win, filter the available information using different criteria, etc.

  • Email management. The administrator can initiate the process of sending emails to the winners of the draw and customize the messages.

  • Prizes management. The admin can view the list of prizes, the number of distributed and remaining prizes within a specific time period, and can also set and modify limits.

  • Reports. The admin can generate reports on prize winnings and download them in CSV/XML format. These reports include information about users and the prizes they won, as well as the status of each winning.

Client app:

  • Home page. Participants in the draw can access the game’s main page, where they can find information about the draw and available prizes. They can also read the terms and conditions of the draw and submit their participation.

  • Participant verification. The app uses third-parties services integrated with the operator’s app to verify if a user is eligible to participate in the raffle. If not, the user is redirected to a corresponding page.

  • Guaranteed prize selection. Participants can get a guaranteed prize based on predefined rules.

  • Raffle prize selection. Participants can choose the super prizes they would like to win and submit their participation in the raffle for these prizes.

  • Weekly raffles. Participants can join the weekly raffles to have a chance at winning random super prizes.

  • Win page. Participants can view information about the prizes they have won, including their statuses, and fill out the winner profile.

  • Participants list. Participants can view nicknames of winners and the items they have won.

  • FAQ. Participants can access the FAQ section, which provides all the required information, as well as the game terms and conditions document.

  • Notifications. Participants can receive SMS or push notifications for raffle updates.

Project approach

The dynamics of the project were dictated by the tight deadline due to assigned dates for the online promotional game. Our team was dedicated to delivering the app within 4 months, ensuring it was completed on time and within budget. Throughout the project, our team maintained active communication with the operator. This wasn’t always easy, as the operator is a large enterprise with complex processes. However, by utilizing effective communication channels and fostering close collaboration, we were able to ensure maximum efficiency across all project stages.

To begin, we created detailed documents to capture all the necessary information. This step ensured that the app would align with our client’s objectives and deliver maximum value. The design was provided by our client’s internal UI/UX specialists, allowing our engineers to start their work immediately.

Ensuring the app’s proper functioning in any scenario was crucial for our client, as it was intended for a major mobile operator. Any mistake could result in reputational damage, so we placed special emphasis on the QA processes. We conducted comprehensive testing, including automated service tests, UI-level tests, load testing, and manual testing, to ensure smooth and error-free performance. With these measures in place, the app was ready to be rolled out to the draw participants.

During the project, we used the Agile methodology. We broke down the scope into manageable tasks and worked in 1-week sprints. At the end of each sprint, we conducted demonstrations of new product versions and feedback-collecting sessions. This approach facilitated efficient app development by establishing specific goals for each sprint. Regular planning and goal setting improved overall productivity.

Prize draw app

Technical solution highlights

The solution is implemented as a webview application. To participate in the draw, users need to follow a special link, either in the operator’s mobile app or in a browser. Respectively, the draw is displayed as either a web page on top of the mobile app or as a tab in a browser.

The app is integrated with a push notifications service to increase engagement and keep users informed about the draw results. Additionally, our app interacts with third-party services integrated with the operator’s mobile app, enabling efficient two-way communication.

  1. Services integrated into the operator’s mobile app provide information about the available prizes for each specific user. As mentioned before, the available prizes depend on predefined rules.

  2. Our app, in turn, shares with these third-party services the information about which user receives which prizes.

The selection of specific technologies was defined by the pre-existing tech stack utilized by the operator’s mobile application. To ensure the correct functioning of our WebView application on the top of the operator’s mobile app, we selected necessitated technologies that could seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure.

The prize drawing mechanism was implemented using the Mersenne Twister algorithm. This pseudorandom number generator algorithm is well-known for its exceptional randomness and high period, making it ideal for applications that require reliable random number generation. By utilizing Mersenne Twister, we ensured a fair and unbiased selection of winners, providing a transparent process for all participants involved.


Thanks to the team’s proficiency, well-established processes, and efficient communication, we successfully delivered the application on time. As a result, the operator’s promotional campaign started exactly as planned. The application efficiently handled peak loads, with hundreds of thousands of users entering simultaneously to have a chance at winning prizes.

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