Raffle Game API for a Mobile App

An online promotional game implemented as an API that operates on top of an existing mobile application.

Technologies / Platforms

About the client


The client is an agency that helps brands worldwide engage with their customers through promotional games, creating meaningful connections between people and companies.


Engagement model

Time & Material



Raffle game API


Effort & duration

4 months

Project background


The agency mentioned above organizes promotional events annually for one of its largest clients, a retail chain. This time, it was decided to conduct the promotion online, using the existing mobile application. The agency came up with the concept of the game, got it approved by their client, and approached us to implement the game logic.


Project team

1 Tech Lead, 1 Backend Developer, 1 Business Analyst, 1 Project Manager, 1 QA Engineer

Tech stack / Platforms

Target audience

Any person over 18 years old can participate in the game. To become a participant, individuals need to download and register in the mobile application of the retail chain.

Solution overview

The solution has two modules: admin panel and client interface. Depending on the role assigned, the admin can access and manage data of the game participants, set up and initiate email sending, and generate & download reports. As for the participants’ interface, its functionality is wider. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Participant interface features:

  • Home page. Participants of the game can access the game’s main page, where they can find information about the game and available prizes. They can also read the terms and conditions of the game and submit their participation.

  • Participant verification. Admins verify whether users are eligible to participate in the game by reviewing the data they provide about themselves. If not, users are redirected to a corresponding page.

  • Instant prize. Participants are required to purchase an order, scan the provided QR code, and receive special stickers within the app. When the stickers are peeled off, they may reveal an instant prize.

  • Big prize. Participants receive special alphanumeric codes by either purchasing a special item from the catalog or answering skill-based questions within the mobile app. These codes can be used to collect properties, complete sets, and have a chance to win big prizes.

  • Win page. Participants can view information about the prizes they have won, including their statuses, and fill out the winner profile.

  • FAQ. Participants can access the FAQ section, which provides all the required information, as well as the game terms and conditions document.

  • Notification. Participants can receive email or push notifications for game updates.

Project approach

The client already had a mobile application that served as a platform for the promotional game. Our task was to develop and implement the game logic through an API that would operate on top of the mobile app.

We began by thoroughly documenting the project requirements to ensure that we had all the necessary information for a successful project execution. Next, we broke down the defined scope into manageable tasks and started working on them.

The project was implemented following the Agile methodology, which involved 2-week sprints, demo and feedback collection sessions, and cost reports at the end of each sprint. This approach enabled a quick and efficient development process, effective cost control, and transparency throughout all stages.

Technical solution highlights

Considering that the number of users who participate in the game daily could reach up to a million, it was essential to prioritize the stability and seamless operation of the app. To achieve this, we increased the number of APIs to four servers. This ensures that if one API drops off due to high load, there will always be alternative options to maintain uninterrupted app functionality.

We also integrated MailChimp to enable efficient management of email communication, such as sending email notifications to participants.



In just four months, the cross-functional team of specialists at Itexus successfully delivered the required raffle functionality for the client’s app. The functionality was implemented as an API and met the client’s vision, requirements, as well as the agreed-upon timeline and budget. Once launched, the promo game attracted over a million daily participants during peak times. The app demonstrated its ability to handle high loads without any interruptions, and the client was highly satisfied with the outcomes of our collaboration.

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