Property Portfolio Management Platform

A cloud-based property management platform that enables companies to increase efficiency and generate more revenue by reducing the time and manual labor required for property management business processes.

Technologies / Platforms

About the client

Our client is a Chinese real estate startup founded by a property manager who has a total of about 9 years of experience in the industry. During these years, the founder had tested a number of software solutions for property management.

These solutions were outdated and difficult to use, they required users to have strong analytical skills when working with spreadsheets, and typically this software did not allow multiple employees to work simultaneously in one workspace. Other challenges included low performance, data integrity complexity, data inconsistency, inefficient onboarding process, etc. All these factors made it difficult for real estate employees to perform their best at work.

So, our client came up with the idea of developing a brand-new property portfolio management platform that would be feature-rich and user-friendly to meet all the needs of the specialists involved in property management.

Client's request

The startup turned to Itexus to develop a new system that would automate lease and property management, simplify operations, and improve portfolio performance. The system was supposed to reduce the time and manual labor required for data processing and verification, ensure data consistency and transparency, and streamline the complex onboarding process.

Engagement model

Time & Materials

Effort and duration

6 months for MVP


Cloud-based property portfolio management platform

Project team

1 Project Manager, 1 Business Analyst, 1 QA Engineer, 1 Tech Lead, 3 Developers, 1 UI/UX Designer

Tech stack / Platforms

Target audience

The solution is targeted at multinational B2B companies involved in property management, such as landlord companies, real estate investment trusts, fund management companies and so on. The end users of the platform are portfolio managers, lease managers and investment managers.

Project challenges

When it comes to property management, there are a lot of metrics and calculations that need to be considered. Our platform was supposed to do all the calculations automatically based on the data entered by the managers. The formulas for these calculations were very long and complicated, so we had to rack our brains a bit to figure these things out. But eventually, we mastered it to make sure that similar issues in our other real estate projects would go off without a hitch.

Another challenge was to ensure the fast and seamless uploading and downloading of large amounts of data. This was achieved by implementing well-designed data processing logic and a good configuration of the infrastructure.

Solution overview

The solution we have developed is a SaaS platform that enables property management companies to increase efficiency and generate more revenue by reducing the time and manual work required for business processes. This is achieved through automation of data processing and verification, ensuring data consistency and transparency, and streamlining of employee onboarding and training processes.

Admin module

The Admin module is designed to manage internal system processes and provides the following functionality:

User authorization

  • Log in to the system to access the functionality and log out of the system to end the work session

Management of customer contacts

  • View the list of clients and their personal data, edit and update client details, add new clients to the system
  • View and remove portfolios, view and remove landlords
  • Block the access of a particular client so that they can no longer use the platform

Subscriptions management

  • View subscriptions and add new ones to apply to different clients
  • Edit, update and remove subscriptions

Management of .csv templates used for data import

  • View the list of uploaded templates to be aware of all available templates and their assignment into the system
  • Upload new templates or remove them

Client module

The Client module automates lease and property management and increases portfolio performance through comprehensive, centralized data and reporting. The module provides the following functionality:

User authorization

  • Log in to the system to access the functionality and log out of the system to end the work session

Internal users management

  • View the list of internal users, add new users, and assign them permission to use the platform
  • View the details of internal users and the permissions assigned to them, block the access of a particular user so that they can no longer use the platform, view and update the user permissions for the system functions within the assigned portfolios

Portfolio & economic ownership management

  • View and manage the list of portfolios, add, edit and update new portfolios
  • View the list of landlords to learn about their economic ownership, add landlords to the portfolio to define the entity’s beneficial interest within the portfolio, edit the landlord information, remove the landlord, and delete any associated data

Property management

  • View the list of properties, view the details of each property and the information about the set parameters, add/edit a new property within the portfolio and manage suits and leases, manage photos of the specific property, delete the property and stop calculations
  • Manage the classification of suites within the property
  • Download the provided property listing template and fill it with a big massive of data, upload the data filled file to import property data into the system

Suite management

  • Add new suite items within the suite schedule and manage them in the system, view added suites and split added suite items, delete suite and remove inappropriate data
  • View, add, and manage suite schedules within the portfolio, view added suite schedule within the property, delete the suite schedule and remove inappropriate data

Lease management

  • Add/edit leases within the property and manage them in the system, view all calculated parameters of the respective lease, delete the existing lease and remove inappropriate data
  • View all added leases within the portfolio, add leases to the portfolio and delete them, view the detailed table of leases, remove inappropriate data and stop lease calculations
  • Download list of leases, search and filter for leases and view search results

Tenant management

  • View the list of tenants, add a new parent company or a new subtenant and assign leases to it, edit tenant details, remove the tenant from the system and delete all associated data

Market rent management

  • View the list of added market rents, add a new market rent to use for calculating occupancy rate, edit or remove an existing market rent to keep the relevant data in the system

Parameters management

  • Manage asset types, specify and categorize added asset items and tenants, manage parameters for calculation rules

Dashboard management

  • Summarize information to control all added data, set and update multiple filters to view output statistics within specified parameters, view detailed statistics, download PDF files, view and download original underlying statistics

Development process

The client already had a clear product vision when they approached us, so after a brief discussion, we proceeded to creating requirements specification for the software. We defined the solution architecture, selected the tech stack, prioritized features, and began the development phase, which was divided into several iterations. Each iteration corresponded to a two-week sprint, followed by a demonstration of the developed features and a feedback collection session. The project manager kept track of the budget and scope, reported weekly on costs, and informed the client when changes were made to the original scope and requirements.

Technical solution highlights

The client app is a web application built on ReactJS that provides user interfaces and system functionality to the end user. The admin app is a WEB application that provides user interfaces to admins to manage the system. The backend is built on Python.

Due to the MVP scope, the system does not currently support integrations for data migration from/to third-party solutions. In the future, the platform will provide scalability for integrations with external systems (e.g. CRM/ERP integrations for customer tracking, inventory management, or invoicing).


We delivered the MVP in full compliance with the client’s requirements. The platform allows to automate lease and property management, provides data consistency and transparency, and streamlines the complex onboarding process. The solution enables property management companies to increase efficiency and generate more revenue by lowering operational costs, reducing time and manual labor for data processing and verification, and automating multiple business processes. Six months into the project, the platform is up and running. Our client is gathering end-users feedback to identify areas for improvement and develop a winning scaling strategy.

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