Augmented Reality and Image Recognition App for McDonald’s

The AR app uses image recognition to let customers get an inside view into the company’s cooking process.

Technologies / Platforms

McDonalds’ Augmented Reality app uses image recognition to give customers insight into McDonalds products.

After scanning any product, a customer can see which ingredients and processes are behind it.

Effort and Duration

2 months

Project Team

1 iOS developer, 1 Android developer, and 1 part-time QA tester

Tech stack / Platforms


McDonald’s Augmented Reality application gives customers the chances to get an inside view into the company’s cooking process. They can get an overview about the products which are used while cooking McDonald’s dishes, technologies used etc. Viewing stars through scanning common items found in McDonald’s restaurants such as a box of French Fries, Big Mac etc.

Development Work

The work was organized using the Agile development model and Scrum framework. We split the development into 2-week sprints with a presentation of the new features at the end of each stage. Unified QA team was assigned to the project from the very beginning. The client communicated with the team in Slack and Skype, we also used Git as a code repository.

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