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With this software the labour-intensive and time-consuming administrative processes are left behind

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A really great restaurant is not just exquisite cuisine but also an excellent guest experience that implies lots of touchpoints with guests along with their restaurant journeys. Read on to learn how Itexus helps restaurants deliver a stellar experience to their guests across all touchpoints, automate administrative processes, and run the business more efficiently by virtue of a restaurant management system with the third-party service marketplace.

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Restaurant management system with marketplace

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1 PM, 1 BA, 1 Tech lead, 1 Front end developer, 1 Back end developer, 1 Full stack developer, 1 QA

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Building great software from scratch can be hard sometimes but completing and fine-tuning the existing one you didn’t write directly is always quite a challenge. Itexus provides seasoned dedicated teams to bring mediocre software to perfection, so our customer has entrusted us with the task of updating and refining an existing restaurant management software and developing a marketplace of helpful third-party services.

The idea behind this management system was to help restaurants simplify running the business and boost its efficiency through the synchronization of all services they use.

Solution Overview

The restaurant management system was supposed to:

  • Facilitate running restaurants business by automating administrative processes;
  • Help business owners make data-driven decisions by managing the data efficiently;
  • Enhance guests’ experience.

We also aimed to build a marketplace to gather together several third-party services and integrate them into the system. It was needed to enable restaurants to focus on running their businesses without being distracted by maintaining accounts in multiple services since all of them are now synchronized. We integrated several helpful services some of which are:

  • Google My Business,
  • Point of sale systems such as Oracle POS and others,
  • Mailchimp,
  • Payment system,
  • Fidelio,
  • HubSpot, etc.

The marketplace is constantly supplemented by newly appearing services so every restaurant business owner can choose and add the most relevant services to his account. Saving time and efforts on routine administrative processes enables restaurants to focus on what they do best – delight their guests with excellent cuisine.

Development Process

First, we updated and fine-tuned the monolith restaurant management system that was written in Meteor JS and MongoDB. AWS cloud, serverless architecture, and API gateway enabled us to make the system flexible and quickly adaptable to required changes.

Then it was the turn of the marketplace. The first milestone of this part was building the marketplace itself. Once it was ready, we started integrating different third-party services used by restaurants to improve business efficiency. Since the start of the project, we integrated over 10 helpful services, and the flexible architecture of the marketplace allows adding the new ones on the go right at the moment they are needed.


Imagine that labour-intensive and time-consuming administrative processes are left behind. All the data, tools, and services you need to run your business are gathered together and synchronized on the go – no being stuck in the administrative routine anymore. Create an account in the restaurant management system, choose and plug the needed third-party services into your account, and focus on what you’ve created your business for – delivering an excellent experience to your guests.

As for Itexus, we continue doing the things we do best – help the business succeed by the virtue of software. Drop us a line if you need help on any issue – from idea to implementation, we’re always there to back you up.

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