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March 19, 2024

Angellist Jobs

March 19, 2024
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Angellist Jobs is an online platform that connects job seekers with companies in the technology industry. It functions as a job marketplace specifically tailored to the needs of startups and high-growth companies in the technology sector. Through Angellist Jobs, employers can post job listings, and candidates can search for and apply to these listings.


Angellist Jobs was founded in 2010 as an extension of AngelList, a platform initially created to connect startup companies seeking funding with investors. Recognizing the need for a specialized job marketplace for startups, AngelList expanded its services to include job postings and created Angellist Jobs.

The platform facilitates the connection between job seekers and companies in the technology sector, with a focus on roles such as software development, coding, product management, and consultancy. Angellist Jobs is primarily used by startups and high-growth companies seeking to attract top talent in the tech industry.


Angellist Jobs offers several advantages for both job seekers and employers in the technology industry. For candidates, the platform provides access to a wide range of opportunities within the startup ecosystem. It allows individuals to explore job openings at innovative companies and contribute to disruptive technologies.

Furthermore, Angellist Jobs simplifies the job application process by allowing candidates to create profiles and upload resumes. Job seekers can also receive email alerts for new job openings that match their preferences, ensuring they stay up to date with relevant opportunities.

For employers, Angellist Jobs offers a targeted platform to find candidates who are specifically interested in working in the startup and technology sectors. The platform provides access to a pool of talented individuals with expertise in various areas of information technology, making it easier to find suitable candidates for roles such as software developers, consultants, and project managers.


Angellist Jobs is used by a variety of professionals within the technology industry. Custom software developers often utilize the platform to find opportunities to work on exciting projects and contribute to cutting-edge technologies.

Consultants in software development may also leverage Angellist Jobs to identify projects and companies that align with their expertise. The platform serves as a valuable resource for freelance consultants looking to expand their client base and work on diverse projects.

Additionally, product and project managers within the technology sector can benefit from Angellist Jobs. The platform allows them to find companies seeking individuals with experience in managing software products, ensuring a good match between their skills and the requirements of the hiring companies.


Angellist Jobs provides a specialized job marketplace for the technology industry, catering specifically to startups and high-growth companies. The platform connects job seekers with companies looking to hire top talent in areas such as software development, coding, product management, and consultancy.

For candidates, Angellist Jobs offers access to a wide range of job opportunities within the startup ecosystem, simplifying the application process and keeping them updated on relevant openings. Employers, on the other hand, benefit from the ability to find suitable candidates with expertise in various areas of information technology.

Overall, Angellist Jobs plays a crucial role in connecting individuals passionate about technology with innovative companies seeking to build high-performing teams. Through its specialized approach and comprehensive features, Angellist Jobs contributes to the growth and success of both job seekers and employers within the technology industry.

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