IoT App for Garland Remote Control

The LegionLites app is a mobile application for managing home and outdoors illumination.

Technologies / Platforms

The app supports the creation of different modes, brightness, colors, and applies other visual effects on a garland – whether individually or as a group – via Wi-Fi.

This technology can be used for managing lighting on a Christmas tree as well as for storefronts decoration and street lighting on the trees and buildings.

Total effort:

6 man-months.

Project Team

1 project manager, 1 business analyst, 1 QA engineer, 4 developers

Tech stack / Platforms


  • a possibility to work not only with a string, but also with a net-shaped garland
  • exclusive calibration algorithm – the app will know the position of each light on a tree
  • a function to send messages and effects from the app to a garland
  • custom-made animations
  • several garlands can be connected to Wi-Fi router and managed from the app

How it Started

Legion Lites founder is a manufacturer of garlands who wanted to create a white-labe l illumination management application. He needed a tech partner with a diverse skillset to develop native iOS and Android apps and to program the controllers. That’s when Itexus came in, accompanying the project from a concept to the fully functional product.

Discovery Phase

The client approached us with an app idea which we had elaborated during the Discovery phase. Our team conducted an in-depth research including tech risks analysis. The outcome of this effort was the preparation of the end-to-end project documentation. It included:

Software Requirements Specification

Document describing all functional requirements with use cases, diagrams, user screen mockups, user journey etc.

Software Architecture Document

Document describing suggested technology and architecture of the system, security, performance, reliability etc.

Project plan and a detailed work estimate

Detailed project plan with all work​​​​​​​ broken down into 8-16 hours tasks, with priorities, dependencies, and team structure.

UX/UI Design

The next step was to create the UI/UX layout for iOS and Android. We designed the apps with iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Google Material Design Guidelines in mind.

Development Work

The work was organized using the Agile development model and Scrum framework. We split the development into 2-week sprints with a presentation of the new features at the end of each stage. Unified QA team was assigned to the project from the very beginning. The client communicated with the team in Slack and Skype, we also used Git as a code repository.


The development of the calibration algorithm was the most challenging part of the project and required an oscillograph for tuning the garland. Our engineers created a new way of calibration that made it accurate and precise. No matter how the garland is positioned, effects such as a “falling rain” will appear correctly from top to bottom.

We also needed to customize the controller to fit the project needs taking into account the limitations of the software. Our engineers wrote a bespoke soft for the controller in Arduino to program it to process the requests from the mobile app.

Fun fact: 5 garlands have been destroyed in the process.

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