Energy Resources Consumption Management System for Enterprises

System enables to monitor the flow rate and cost of consumed resources in enterprises and buildings

Technologies / Platforms

The system enables to monitor the flow rate and cost of consumed resources (heating, electricity, gas, water) in enterprises, buildings and geographically distributed objects (a group of buildings, region, city), efficiently select suppliers and rates depending on actual and planned consumption. It also allows regulating daily consumption both in manual and automatic modes with the aim of minimizing costs.

Effort and Duration

The project started in November 2012, over 2 years

Project Team

1 Project Manager, 1 Business Analyst, 1 QA engineer, 4 developers

Tech stack / Platforms


Solution receives information from multiple sensors and meters installed in customer’s objects in real-time, stores it for further analysis, compares results with the rules configured for the object in the system, and sends back the control commands to controllers – either to reduce or increase the power or consumption, turn off or on the devices.
The system consists of the following modules:

  • Module of data collection from “zone” devices
  • Module of automated rules-based data analysis and control commands generation
  • Business Intelligence Module for manual data analysis in various dimensions, time periods and graphical views
  • 3D visualization module for displaying of devices on the 3D models of objects and buildings
  • Google Maps integration module for displaying the geographically distributed objects on a map and navigating to particular objects and devices
  • Administration Module for managing objects, zones, buildings, sensors, rates, analysis rules, control commands and data archive rules
  • Emulation module, the set of emulators implementing a variety of communication protocols used by end devices

How it Started

The customer was looking for a long-time partner willing to adjust their working processes to the project requirements. Itexus was selected due to the following key factors:

  • Attention to the company’s management, considering the project and cooperation as strategic for the company;
  • Experience level of developers that we could allocate to the project;
  • Flexibility of the development process organization, search, and involvement of scientists that could help to solve knowledge-intensive problems, full customer involvement into work – the customer worked together with the team in one room;
  • Resource management flexibility – the company has been able to retain key resources in the project during breaks – after the prototype development and between stages of getting funds, thus cutting down the knowledge transfer expenses;
  • Final price that was significantly lower than that of larger companies taking into account the level of developers

Development Work

The project started in November 2012. After a three-weeks fixed price analysis and design phase high level requirements and architecture were collected and documented. After that, the project was continued on time and materials and Scrum basis.
Key aspects of the development process:

  • Short two-week iterations and deliveries of product increment versions at the end of each iteration
  • Continuous integration, nightly builds, automatic execution of unit and integration tests
  • Collective work of the customer – owner of the project in the office with the project team
  • Regular code tests by the architect and automatic code analysis using Sonar

System Architecture Highlights

  • The possibility to process large volumes of data in real-time: up to 100,000 devices transmitting data once in several seconds
  • BigData – a necessity to store and process a large volume of information, the size of the database can reach hundreds of millions of records

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