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Itexus was entrusted to develop a mobile application that would enable its users to send money from US-issued bank cards to African countries. The app is designed to facilitate international transactions and payments from the US for non-residents. At the current phase, the target country for transfers is Nigeria, but our Client plans to increase the geography.

Project scope

Itexus was assigned to run the whole cycle of the app creation. The project started off with the discovery phase which was needed to capture and formalize the vision of the future solution, define the scope of work, and agree on major third-party providers (payment gateways and KYC providers).

At the current stage, our experts are engaged in requirements elicitation and documentation, design engineering, coding, testing. At the moment, the project is on its development phase, thus maintenance and support will be the next step.

In this case study, we focus on the work our Design Team has done. To learn all other details about the project, please refer to the original case study.

Design Tools

Design Process


  • Technology consulting
  • R&D
  • Business analysis


  • Information architecture
  • User flows
  • Wireframing
  • Mockups design
  • Testing of the design solutions

Launch and maintenance

  • Documentation
  • Employees training
  • New features development
  • Support



During the discovery phase the Designer communicated with the Business Analyst on the requirements, investigated similar apps’ interfaces, and proposed a concept of the future solution. The concept was reviewed by the Business Analyst and the Product Owner.


As soon as the concept was approved, the Designer got down to working on application screens according to the prioritized user stories to be developed. Completing work on a screen, the Designer then provides it to the Product Owner for approval. Thus each user story is completed with design and approved by the Product Owner.

Launch and Maintenance

Currently, the project is in its development phase after which we’ll get down to support and maintenance.

Project Design Challenges

The principal challenge in terms of design was due to the absence of a clear vision of the future solution from the Client. So our Designer had to go an extra mile investigating similar apps and gathering references to share them with the Client and get a general idea on what the app should look like.


When it comes to designing a fintech solution, the user experience it will provide is crucial for the project’s success on the market. Our Client wanted to make sure the design we had created would meet all users’ needs, so they conducted usability testing with target audience representatives to see how they would interact with the prototype. The research revealed that our specialists had picked the right UX and UI directions so the Client was fully satisfied with the results and impressed with our Design Teams’ expertise.
Currently, our Development Team is putting the finishing touches on the app, it will be available in app stores soon.

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