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Itexus was assigned to craft a neobank solution intended to serve the needs of a certain US banks’ audience segment – migrants. The app was expected to facilitate monetary transactions like financial help to families, getting paychecks early, microloans, etc.
Developing a fintech solution implies addressing certain design challenges owing to the industry specifics. In this case study, we cover the design phase of the solution development.

Project scope

In the Discovery phase, we captured and formalized the Client’s vision, defined the scope of work, and agreed on major third-party service providers.
The Development phase involved such activities as requirements elicitation and documentation, coding, and testing. The design of the future solution was created in this phase as well.
At the moment, the project’s development phase is almost complete. When the app is released, Itexus will get down to support and maintenance services.

To learn all other details about the project, please refer to the original case study.

Design Tools

Design Process


  • Technology consulting
  • Iterative collaboration with customer


  • User flows
  • Wireframing
  • Mockups design
  • Testing of the design solutions

Launch and maintenance

  • Documentation
  • Employees training
  • New features development
  • Support



On the project discovery phase, there weren’t many design-related activities. The Designer communicated with the Business Analyst to grasp the client’s requirements, explored similar apps’ interfaces, and started working on the solution’s concept. Soon our UX/UI specialist presented the app design concept to the Client for review and got approval.


The Designer had been working on the application iteratively as business requirements were identified delivering artifacts to the Client for review after every iteration. The Client was actively engaged in the review process, yet the major scope of design solutions was based on our specialist’s expertise.

Launch and Maintenance

After the launch, we started improving and fine-tuning the app. This process involved analysis of the real users’ feedback, adjusting the app according to the legal and compliance requirements, and implementation of the features planned on the MVP stage.

This phase enabled us to identify the weak spots in the users’ interaction with the app which we had missed during the testing phase and to improve UX.

Project Design Challenges

One of the biggest challenges our Designer faced were the increased designing speed and the necessity to create solutions based on high-level requirements from BA documentation. To address these challenges, our Designer had to promptly discuss solutions directly with the Client.

The second challenge was due to the need for our Designer to contact the development team on the Client’s side. Our UX/UI Specialist communicated directly with the Client’s development team, but it was not prompt from the Client’s side. To cope with this bottleneck efficiently, our Designer created a checklist for the development team to fill in before the design update or support request. It improved the communication and requirements update process and enabled both sides to allocate their time efficiently.


Designing the app’s major features took 3 weeks, and the software development has been lasting for around 7 months. Soon the app’s Beta version will be completed. The team is working on the project progressively designing and implementing new features to meet the Client’s expectations and requirements and launch an up-to-date and convenient product.

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