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A web application that allows the creation of insightful, authentic, and data-driven customer personas with the help of pre-made templates, calculation of the target audience based on real data from such resources as Google and Facebook, and sharing personas & collaborating on them with the team members.

Technologies / Platforms

About the client

Our client is Mike Schwede, a digital strategist, founder of one of the biggest Swiss digital agencies, and lecturer at leading Swiss universities with more than 20 years of digital marketing and business experience under his belt.


Engagement model




Web application


Effort and duration

4 months


Project team

1 Project Manager, 1 Business Analyst, 1 DevOps, 1 Tech Lead, 1 Backend Developer, 1 Frontend Developer, 1 Full Stack Developer, 1 QA

Project background

As a digital strategist, our client helps businesses to tell their stories and find customers in relevant markets. In his work, he often refers to customer personas. As the foundation of the customer-centric approach which is vital to a business’s success, personas help companies gain a better understanding of their target audience, their needs, and painpoints, cultivate empathy, and as a result, make data-driven business decisions along with providing a better customer experience.


But creating an actionable and insightful persona requires certain skills and reliable, relevant data as artifacts built on assumptions remain guesswork at best, and negatively affect the whole project at worst. To help more businesses extract valuable insights from customer personas and enjoy the benefits they bring, our client decided to create a solution that would enable the quick, simple, and efficient creation of personas. To this end, he approached us.

Tech stack / Platforms

Target audience

Powdience is designed for specialists in CX and digital marketing domains, as well as for owners of small businesses who’d like to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and make better business decisions.

Solution overview

The customer persona tool – Powdience – we created is a web application with a set of pre-made persona templates where users can create, edit, and share artifacts, as well as download them in PDF format and print. Users can also connect their app’s account with their Facebook and Google profiles which then serve as sources of data for the target audience calculation.

In the persona artifact, there are the following fields:

  • Persona’s name, photo, demographic data (age, gender, location), and information about the persona’s education and salary
  • Editable fields where users can add information about the persona’s needs, goals, market segment, demographics, and status
  • List of channels to select from where users can potentially connect to their personas
  • Facebook and Google fields where the potential reach of the target audience is calculated based on the details added by the user into the artifact’s fields
  • Charts & graphs displaying the data from the files uploaded by the user

Solution main features

  • Sign up & sign in
  • Manage personal information in the user profile
  • Manage subscription plan
  • Connect the user’s Facebook and Google accounts to the app
  • Access & edit pre-made persona templates
  • Create personas from scratch
  • Upload data from .csv and .txt files to create charts and graphs
  • Share and collaborate on personas right within the app with invited team members
  • Calculate the potential reach of the target audience based on data from Facebook and Google
  • Download personas in PDF format
  • Print personas

Third-party integrations

third-party integrations

  • Auth0 is an identity platform that helps to create a signup page using Universal Login with Classic Experience as the most appropriate option for authentication and authorization on the platform.
  • Chargify is a recurring billing and subscription management platform that allows users to make payments, receive transaction information, and offer invoices. Chargify also enables automated system emails with configurable settings, so we used it to notify users when certain events occur (signup confirmation, trial expiration, subscription renewal, etc.).
  • Mailchimp is an email marketing service that allows users to receive newsletters with tips and tricks about the platform and news when they sign up for it.
  • Facebook and Google enable the platform to calculate the target audience and provide data for personas creation.
  • UserReport is a user engagement tool that provides survey and feedback widgets. We used it to allow users of the platform to leave comments or suggestions, respond to other user’s comments, and sort reviews by popularity.

Development process

We started with the discovery phase, where our specialists carefully examined our client’s goals and vision, and carefully gathered and documented the software requirements. We also created mockups to ensure a simplified, smooth user experience and intuitive navigation. Our developers then programmed the web application. After extensive testing by QA specialists and bug fixing, the tool was delivered to the first real users.

The project was implemented according to the Scrum framework, which enabled an efficient development process and transparency across all stages. After each sprint, which lasted 2 weeks, we held sprint reviews with our client to demonstrate what we had completed and get feedback.

web application development

Technical solution highlights

Powdience persona tool is a web application hosted on AWS. For backend development, we selected Ruby on Rails as it’s a reliable, clutter-free framework that helps to fasten the development process and allows for simple maintenance. For frontend development, we selected React JS for its efficiency and flexibility when it comes to building simple, fast, and scalable frontends of web applications. As a database, we used PostgreSQL for its proven architecture, reliability, data integrity, and extensibility.

Results & future plans

Within 4 months, Itexus multifunctional team of experts delivered a web application that allows users to create insightful customer personas effortlessly. Currently, we support and maintain the solution and implement new functionality upon our client’s request.

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