HR Management Platform for the Construction Industry

A custom industry-specific HR platform covers full-cycle recruitment, onboarding, and report generation management.

Technologies / Platforms

The solution is based on a complex user access control (UAC) and features a multi-layer system of user roles and user types.

The platform automates the hiring process, reduces time-to-fill, and cuts down on total recruitment costs.

Engagement model

Time & Materials

Effort and Duration

Ongoing, since August 2019


HR Management Platform

Project Team

1 PM, 1 Tech Lead, 2 .NET Developers, 1 Frontend Developer, 2 BAs, 1 QA, 1 Designer

Tech stack / Platforms

Project Background

The customer is a UK-based construction company which wanted to improve and automate paper-based and error-prone recruitment processes.

The customer started with transferring its recruitment to an external agency, which helped fill positions when a demand emerged. However, the whole process from placing a job vacancy to onboarding was ineffective, as it involved a lot of manual time-consuming work like collecting information about candidates or validating employee work hours.

The customer wanted to reduce both cost-per-hire and time-to-hire by launching a cloud-based HR platform which would accumulate resumes, apply the selected criteria during the approval process, and track the candidate’s current status.

Another challenge was to introduce regular reporting to measure and track performance of contracted construction workers.

The customer was searching to entrust the development of a custom HR full-cycle management platform to an experienced software development company with a proven track record of cloud-based projects and delivered BI solutions. Itexus impressed the customer with our portfolio and demonstrated skills in building complex SaaS platforms from scratch, and became the vendor of choice.

Modules and Panels

The delivered platform is built around three modules:

• Module 1

is dedicated to HR services and recruitment, and features a central repository for uploaded CVs. It is used to create a job offer, place it in the database, and receive an approval request for the selected candidates.

• Module 2

is used to accomplish onboarding.

• Module 3

allows the customer to allocate resources, monitor employee activity, and generate labor reports and timesheets.

The solution delivered by Itexus team supports 2 panels:

• Admin panel.

The client’s administrators govern user roles, and give out access to various system modules.

• Client panel.

Clients belong to different user groups – around 10 in the system, including Resource Provider, Job Creator, Supervisor, Job Approver, and so on – and perform an array of tasks depending on their access.

Functionality Overview


Our team has built a repository where the contracted recruitment agency uploads selected CVs. The repository contains personal data of candidates, their experience, and a current status completed by a recruiter.

The platform runs on the Microsoft SQL database and leverages Entity Framework (EF) Core to perform data access and update resumes, candidate’s status, and other details. Every change submitted to the uploaded CVs or job description triggers updates in the repository, while the status of every candidate — available, in review, pending onboarding, or on placement— can be tracked directly from the dashboard. As a result, the customer keeps recruitment details accurate and manages to allocate resources with minimal effort.

A searchable portal presents an easy-to-use web interface built with the Angular framework. Users who have been granted access to it, review CVs and recruit staff from the central website.


Once a candidate is approved for a job, a client’s expert, called Candidates Manager, completes an onboarding form containing the start date, the date of any inductions, and requirements for the assigned job.

When a candidate has started his or her work, the Candidates Manager fills in an onboarding form, which imports the candidate’s unique ID details, rates, and rules, including overtime hours, lunch breaks, night working, weekend working, and so on.

Time Tracking & Reporting

The system defines 2 types of workers: blue collars, completing work on a construction site, and white collars, performing administrative and management activities.

White collar employees submit individual timesheets, while timesheets for blue collar workers are approved and submitted by a Supervisor, who is granted access to timesheet details contained in the Access Control System.

Built-in algorithms allow supervisors to validate working hours and detect anomalies and timing issues in form of a notification.


The platform processes and stores sensitive data, such as a Personal ID number and other private user information, and needs to  ensure compliance with the GDPR data security standards, adopted in the UK.

To mitigate security risks, our team selected the Microsoft Azure Services. The database layer security provides encryption for storage and transfer of data. Also, it helps ensure granular access control over user permissions and fine-tune access to various units for different user groups.

Results & Future Plans

The customer appreciated our team’s ability to deliver within harsh deadlines, especially when a demo version of a system was urgently needed for investors.

The system allows the customer to:

  • Centralize and standardize recruitment, onboarding, and resource allocation processes.
  • Enable automated report generation and report tracking.
  • Minimize manual work and reduce employees’ efforts. This makes time allocation processes more transparent, and streamlines more efficient HR management processes.

Transparent communication between Itexus specialists and the client’s stakeholders ensured efficient resolution of any discrepancies in the requirements from SLAs.

While the team continues working on the platform, the customer is discussing the possibility to add new features to the solution, namely data collection from workers’ access cards, and automated invoice generation.

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