Processes Automation Implemented in Business Website

Processes automation, improvement of conversion rate, and a better contact form for an online tutoring platform.

Technologies / Platforms

About the client

Our client is an online tutoring platform that has been bringing together tutors and students for seven years. On the platform, students can find languages, math, science, economics, and social sciences tutors.

Client’s Request

COVID-19 has brought new changes to education and transformed the way students around the world are getting educated. The demand for online education had skyrocketed, and our client’s platform faced a significant increase in web traffic and page views. The number of leads also increased, as did the time it took to process inquiries through the contact form on the platform, and the conversion rate barely reached 3.2%. Another issue was bots spamming the signup form, which resulted in low-quality traffic and affected analytics.


The client initially turned to Itexus to update the outdated website but then appreciated our comprehensive approach and expertise in UI/UX design, tech solutions, and automation. So, in addition to the main task, the client asked us to automate the processes on the platform, find out and fix the cause of the low conversion rate, and secure the contact form and the website from bot attacks.

Engagement model

Time & Materials


Website Development & Marketing Automation

Effort and Duration

1 month

Project Team

DevOps Engineer, Marketing Specialist, Backend Developer, QA Engineer

Tech stack / Platforms

Target audience

The target audience of our client’s platform are students who are not keeping up with the curriculum and need extra lessons, college entrants who are preparing for entrance exams, and their parents, as they pay for their children’s learning on the platform.

Project challenges

Ensuring uninterrupted service

The peculiarity of the platform entails that a number of account managers are constantly logged into the platform’s admin panel. When we were working with the site, it was crucial to make sure that no one logged into the admin panel, but it was also impossible to stop the work of account managers.

To overcome this challenge, we took advantage of the capabilities offered by This is an outreach automation platform for marketers and sales that offers a variety of tools for lead generation, email verification, email sending, and email tracking. We integrated with the platform and provided managers with easy-to-manage access to the account so that communication with students would not be interrupted.

Adjusting the platform to customers’ needs

Another source of concern for our client was the high percentage of users’ drop-offs after a month or two of learning on the platform. When it comes to educational products for children, it’s usually the parents who make the purchasing decision, so the product must meet the needs of the parents. To reduce drop-offs and increase LTV, we decided to give parents the ability to track their children’s progress on the platform.

We enabled the platform to collect data from multiple sources about academic performance and display it in the user’s personal account, as well as set automatic weekly messages to parents. Parents can choose between two options – they receive the notifications either via email or in messenger apps.

By notifying parents about how many sessions with a tutor their children had, what they learned, and the results of interactive tests, we were able to reduce the number of drop-offs by 27%.

Third-party integrations

Project approach

We started with marketing analysis and pulled analytics to understand the reason for the low conversion rate. It turned out that in the old version of the website, the notification of sales managers about the new requests via the contact form was not configured. This means that too much time passed between filling out the form and contacting a potential buyer.

Here’s what we did.

  • Set up automated emails to be sent immediately after the contact form is filled out, notifying the lead that the submission was successful and their inquiry was received.
  • Set up automatic notifications for sales and account managers about new inquiries from the contact form so that the manager contacts the customer as soon as possible and does not keep them waiting.
  • Integrated to collect and structure the contacts of those who filled out the contact form.
  • Automated adding leads and their contacts to the CRM database.
  • Created mandatory fields in the contact form – previously there were none, and a person could submit the form without providing an email or phone number, so such leads were lost.
  • Built an AI-driven chatbot that answers frequently asked questions and assigns leads to specific managers depending on the needs of visitors. Managers no longer have to manually sort through all the incoming requests – the chatbot does it for them.

Technical solution highlights

Third-party integrations

As mentioned earlier, we needed to integrate into the platform to ensure continuous communication with customers and leads. The point was that the platform was built with WordPress and is non-integrable with this CMS.

We coped with this issue by first integrating the platform with Zapier, a product that allows web app integration and automation of repetitive tasks between two or more apps. When an event occurs in one app, it instructs another app to perform a specific action. So we utilized Zapier as an intermediary that connects WordPress and Snovio.

Bot Attacks

Here is what we have done to prevent bots from filling out forms:

  • We added algorithms to the website such as hidden links and fields. They are not visible to real users, but are visible to bots and can detect potential spam makers and block their access to the website.
  • We implemented frontend and backend scripts for the feedback form that prevent it from being submitted if the user’s behavior does not resemble that of a real person.
  • We configured field validation, set mandatory fields, and added a placeholder for each field that suggests what data should be entered into the form. We also started displaying error texts when fields were not filled in correctly or not filled in at all.


We redesigned the homepage and CTAs, improved website navigation, and updated the PHP version, server configuration, and outdated WordPress plugins. We also improved the contact form and set up a manager notification system to reduce contact time with potential clients. By securing the website and contact form against bot attacks, we were able to improve traffic and incoming leads quality.

Our work ran into a 9.7% conversion rate, which is a 303% increase from the previous conversion rate of 3.2%. We also reduced the number of drop-offs by 27%. Our client is pleased with the results and is planning the next steps in the development of the platform.

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