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A web app for people working in the financial sector to create analytical models. The app uses AI-based predictive modules reflecting the credit cycles to automate decision-making in Finance. Unlike the traditional statistical approach when making one analytic model takes 2-3 months, the application enables users to build, test, and deploy multiple predictive financial models within just a few clicks.

Project scope

The app was designed a few years ago, and the client wanted to refresh the outdated interface. So in terms of user experience, our goals were to refresh the design, improve navigation, layouts, sorting, and pagination, and design new buttons.

This case study covers the design aspect of the project. To learn all other details about the project, please refer to the original case study.

Design Tools

Design Process


  • Technology consulting
  • R&D
  • Business analyst involvement


  • Concepts design
  • Wireframing
  • Mockups design

Launch and maintenance

  • Documentation
  • New features development
  • Support



At the Discovery phase, our Business Analyst gathered the app’s crucial business objectives and discussed it with the Design Team. Then the client defined the three most used pages for the designers to focus on firstly.


The next move was to create the concept of the app’s new design. For this, the Design Team implemented the Lean iterative approach. It enabled them to establish channels of communication with the client and therefore deliver artifacts on time and simplify and expedite concept approval.

Once the design concept was approved by the client, the designers got down to the prioritized app pages. Working on these pages, the Design Team had several consulting sessions with the Development Team. It allowed the teams to detect the potential bottlenecks in the early stages and prevent possible implementation issues.

Launch and Maintenance

For the Design Team the delivery plan implied going two sprints ahead of the Development Team. Such an approach enabled the client to review the design and propose changes and allowed the designers time to refine the mockups without blocking or interrupting the development processes.

The client, Business Analyst, and designers were involved in the change request process. All design changes were documented, and as a result of coherent work, the design was delivered and approved by the client in time.

Project Design Challenges

The app’s specific business goals posed a challenge for the Design Team as they needed to display a huge amount of financial calculations and results without affecting user-friendliness.

Another challenge for the Design Team was the lack of the client’s clear vision on what the app should look like. The client didn’t provide detailed requirements, just some ideas on what should be done.

The iterative approach helped to address these challenges and determine the right UI direction. After every iteration, the Design Team delivered concepts they had been working on during the iteration to the client for approval.


The client enjoyed the refreshed app’s design as it matched all business and aesthetical requirements and was delivered in time. Besides, the client appreciated the separated product positioning in the major version of the app and decided to make it a new product feature.

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