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Itexus was assigned to create a talent and career management platform which concept had been ideated by psychologists. The platform was expected to help hiring managers assess one’s career drivers, talents, performance limiters, and cultural values, and make better hiring decisions based on the insights provided by the assessment.

Project scope

For the Design Team, the objective was to design the landing page and the concept of the desktop application as well as to create the app’s main design elements (layouts, navigation, etc.). The team also needed to create a responsive design for the most important and commonly used parts of the application.

In this case study, we cover the design stage of the platform development. To learn all other details about the project, please refer to the original case study.

Design Tools

Design Process


  • Technology consulting
  • R&D
  • Business analysis


  • Information architecture
  • User flows
  • Wireframing
  • Mockups design
  • Testing design solutions

Launch and maintenance

  • Documentation
  • Employees training
  • New features development
  • Support



Our Business Analyst delivered the app’s main business goals to the Design Team, and the Client provided the designers with the logo, preferred colors, and fonts. The Design Team was working iteratively on the landing page and app’s design concept having approval sessions with the Client after each iteration.


The design of the landing page and the concept of the desktop application were approved by the Client and implemented by the Development Team.

Launch and Maintenance

The Design Team was developing artifacts in parts delivering them to the Client for approval after each iteration. When the artifacts had been approved, the team proceeded to the next iteration. Such a step-by-step workflow helped our designers to quickly get final approval, and the designs were implemented right after that.

Project Design Challenges

The major challenge in terms of design was due to another system used by the Client who wanted to create the same design and extend it with an additional application for their product line. This way the Design Team faced many limitations caused by used UX patterns in the existing system, and they also had to take into account the design legacy details.

Another challenge was to design a responsive desktop application given that the used system was not designed for that. So our designers had to go the extra mile modifying the basic layout and components for all required platforms and screen resolutions.


The Client was fully satisfied with the designs of the app and the landing page which matched all business and aesthetical requirements and were delivered in time. Besides, the design activities took about 30% less time than estimated, so the Client was pleased to save on design.

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